Wide Format Scanners

For wide format scanners of exceptional quality and unrivaled low cost, professionals in a broad range of technical markets (including CAD and GIS) choose www.largedocuments.com. The models available this site are all of the highest performance level and come complete with the industry's most advanced technologies.

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At www.largedocuments.com, the selection of wide format scanners is excellent and affordable. The Colortrac 24120 is a flatbed scanner that presents the user with a remarkable scanning area of 24 inches by 36 inches. The unit's 3600 DPI resolution creates crisp images of exceptional clarity.

If you are in the market for a wide format scanner, you might also consider the HP 4200. With the HP 4200, you can create a smooth link between the scanner and HP printers on your network. You also get a scan resolution of 424 ppi optical and 2400 ppi enhanced for fantastic image quality. Combine that with 0.15 line accuracy and speeds of 1.5 inches per second for color images and at 3 inches per second for monochrome images, and you start to see why so many technically proficient users choose this wide format scanner.

If you are having trouble choosing among the wide format scanners currently on the market, it might help to discuss your requirements with a professional. Contact the experts at www.largedocuments.com directly for additional information on their wide format scanners. They can be reached by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to info@largedocuments.com.