Better Scans with carrier sheets from Large Document Solutions

Protect Your Documents:  Carrier sheets are a great way to protect your fragile, dry, aging, and valuable documents when scanning using a large format roll-feed scanner.  

Protect Your Scanner:  Scanner glass can be easily scratched from documents contaminated with storage dirt and dust.  Scan documents in badly torn condition or with missing edges.  Scan multiple lightweight or oddly shaped originals, including upholstery patterns.  Scan transparencies more effectively with a large format carrier sheet.  

When to use the White Background Carrier Sheet
Scan transparencies more effectively.  Light reflection and scan quality is improved by the white backing sheet.

When to use the Black Background Carrier Sheet
Scanning semi-transparent originals printed on both sides. Prevents backside image appearing underneath the image of the front side (when scanning newspapers and double-sided maps).  Black background helps with auto cropping software. Last but not least, works as a black roller substitute.

Large Document Solutions have many different sizes with all three backgrounds: White, Black, & Clear.  We have a carrier sheet for any application. 

Video on how to use our carrier sheets:  

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