Large Document Solutions has been in business for many years.  Over those years, we have had to opportunity have repeat customers, in other words, sell a scanner then in a few years sell them another.  There are many reasons for this.  One of the first reasons is the scanner just wears out because of many years of dedicated service and two, technology has changed both in hardware and software arena.  These are two very good reasons to replace your scanner.
Our customers have found that when they purchase a replacement scanner, the new scanner is much cheaper than the original scanner with quality, speed, & ease of use so much better.  To make an analogy, if a person has a bum hip and they live years struggling with the pain and discomfort of that bum hip until they get it fixed.  In every case that person says “I wish I had this repaired years ago!” Yes, upgrading your scanner to the newest technology makes complete sense.
Here are a few reasons to replace your scanner even though your current scanner is still serviceable:

  1. The new technology scanning is done with the document face up.  This makes scanning easier and helps to get your scans straight.
  2. CIS Technology has vastly improved.  It is almost as good as the CCD or camera technology.  CIS is less expensive than camera technology, hence getting just as good of scanner for significantly better price.
  3. Calibration and stitching on the new scanners is just a couple clicks.  With some of the older scanners.  It was more of a manual process and the scanner user had to have a certain amount of stills to get the calibration and stitching correct.  With the human interaction the process too quite a bit longer to perform.  A definite time saver.
  4. Connecting a scanner to a local area network is much easier.  Again, thank the software.  All the scanner user needs is an IP address, subnet mask, & default gateway submission and the unit is talking on your network.  The older scanners, the configuration was tedious and many more steps to complete.
  5. Scanning to a network share took longer with the older scanners.  The integrated network adaptors in the older scanners were 10 or even 100 mb communication speeds.  All scanners equipped with a network interface are passing data at 1000 mb per second if not faster.   The end result is that scanning to a network share is a snap!
  6. Software has greatly improved.  Auto-sizing technology has improved significantly.  In the old days, the scanner had to be calibrated exactly and if it was not, unpredictable results would be observed.  Now auto-size is a standard, this makes scanning faster and better results.
  7. In some of the older scanning packages, de-skewing scans was a hassle.  In today’s scanners namely the Image Access scanners, the scanner user can drop the original on the glass, push the scan button and almost by magic, the scan is straight and perfect.  A big time saver.

If your scanner is over 4 years old.  It might be a good idea to visit our products page on our website.  Don’t forget it is or give us a call at (866) 338-4464.  As the old saying goes, you can do it, we can help.