Vidar Scanners

Vidar scanners embody excellence in design and function. They represent the perfect balancing act between sleek, streamlined user-friendliness and highly capable features that ease any workload. For premium-performance Vidar scanners at the most affordable prices, more professionals make their number one choice.

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At, you will be amazed by the sheer depth and breadth of the options in Vidar scanners. Take, for example, the VIDAR Atlas SP25 Base. This machine is known for its flexible configuration and is designed with easy upgrades in mind. It is also known for its Accuracy Lens Enhancement (ALE) technology, which ensures unbeatable precision in its scanning.

If you are willing to spend a little more, the Vidar Atlas P25 Plus offers entry into an even higher echelon of scanning. It incorporates both the ALE technology and the All-Wheel Drive system, guaranteeing the most efficient scanning process imaginable. Finally, how about the Vidar Atlas P36 Plus? With a 2400 DPI maximum resolution and 400 DPI optical resolution, you know you will enjoy flawless imagery every time.

These and many other choices in the critically acclaimed line of Vidar scanners are available at Contact the experts who operate this comprehensive supply site for answers to all your questions. They can be reached by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to The only thing more pleasing to a customer than a site with affordable, high-quality scanners is a site that offers such great deals in conjunction with friendly, accessible, and individualized customer service.