Used Wide Format Scanners

In the search for used wide format scanners, word of mouth is actually one of the most dependable means of narrowing down your choices. Banners and other advertisements are just gimmicks, but the aggregate opinion of customers (and repeat customers) is a statistic that actually means something. The verdict is in--the superior vendor of used wide format scanners is This site consistently provides high quality used scanners and other large format devices.

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At, you can find both color and monochrome scanners from a variety of manufacturers, including Colortrac, Graphtec, and Image Access and others. The Graphtec and Colortrac models include some of the most popular used scanners on the market. These scanners, among others, are frequently available in used condition at

The most popular scanners are color at 42" wide and scan at least 400 dpi.  Large Document Solutions acquires scanners like these.  They are then re-furbished by the capable trained staff then they are offered to the public at very good prices.  They think so highly of this equipment to offer phone and remote support as long as you own the equipment.  Every scanner comes with scanning software at no additional cost.  There are upgrades available but for general purpose scanning, the software provided is all you need.

For additional information on the selection of used wide format scanners available at, browse the site or get in touch with the customer service staff. Staff members will be glad to help you with questions regarding scanners and prices. Representatives can be reached toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or via email at