Used Large Format Scanners

If you are looking for site that carries used large format scanners, be aware that there are many vendors willing to pawn off machines in poor condition. While finding a quality online distributor of used equipment can be a challenge, there are some trusted names on the Web. For a reliable source of highly functional used scanning equipment, consider a well regarded

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The website is owned and operated by the EME Corporation. EME's commitment to quality is an integral part of the success of This particular site specializes in copiers, printers, scanners, and software.

The collection of used large format scanners varies according to availability. There are, however, certain models that are frequently found in stock. One example is the ANAtech Evolution Pro. This machine offers many exciting features, but one particularly appealing characteristic is its impressive scanning speed. With the Evolution Pro, you can scan 6.5 inches per second at either 200 or 400 DPI Turbo. If you want a scanner that gets jobs done in a hurry, you can't go wrong with the Evolution Pro.

The best way to find out about used large format scanners at is to have a look around the site. If you have any questions at all, about either products or services, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the experts who maintain the site. They can be reached toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or via email at