Employee Training on all Equipment

Training at Large Document Solutions is a priority!  We regularly hold internal product training for all employees on all products we carry. 

This month’s topic is on the new Image Access WideTEK 36C vs WideTEK 36CL (New Product) and the MFP system with the new 36CL Scanner.

Scanning has been made more economical with the new Image Access WideTEK 36CL model.  The WideTEK 36CL scans up to 8 ips at 300 dpi with a color depth of 48 bits.  Compare that with the legacy 36C model which scans at 10 ips at 300 dpi with a slightly lower color depth of 36 bit color.  A great value with a very little downside.

Large Document Solutions “Best Value” recommendation is the WideTEK 36CL scanner with a 22” touch screen monitor, Batch Scan Wizard, scanner stand with catch basket, and a 1 year manufacture warranty. 

Questions or Comments give us a call, ask for David “Our Instructor” or if he is not available, anyone of our trained analysts can help you find your “Large Document Solution”.