Large Format Robotic Book Scanner

Large Document Solutions is excited to offer the SMA ROBO V2 book scanner.  This is an amazing machine.  With all the features of our book and flatbed scanners, this scanner is a fully robotic page turning book scanner.  The first large format book scanner with this automatic page turning ability. Other robotic scanners can only handle small books (below A2). The new ROBO SCAN can handle books up to A2 (ROBO SCAN 2) or A1 (ROBO SCAN 1) with ease.  Just set your scanning parameters and start scanning!

With increased performance, this scanner can operate as a fully automated page turning device or as a manual book scanner.  The book cradle is adjustable for any size book.  The “V” shaped glass is the perfect complement to secure the book flat for clear and concise scans. 

The ROBO Book scanner is equipped with a VISUAL 3D camera head.  The V3D technology significantly increases the depth of field and offers perfect digital reproductions.  Speed and quality is critical, The Gigabit Ethernet interface guarantees the highest possible image transfer rates resulting in increased productivity. 

This scanner will be a featured item at the American Library Association Show in Denver, Colorado February 9th thru the 12th.  Come stop by, we will be glad to show you this scanner along with Image Access Book scanners and Display Solutions.  If you can’t make the show, give us a call at (866) 338-4464 or email us at