It’s been nearly two weeks since we exhibited at the Western Roundup in downtown Denver, and we can’t stop raving about how terrific the entire event was. From the attendees to the exhibitors, the guest speakers and the amazing products and services on display, all of the unique parts of the conference seamlessly blended together into one incredible, unforgettable experience.


For those who haven’t heard of it before, the Western Roundup is an annual conference for archivists and curators to meet in order to discuss new and emerging methods and technology within the field of historical preservation. At this point you might be asking yourself “…where does Large Document Solutions fit in to this picture?”. As large format scanner specialists, archivists and curators are some of our most esteemed and respected colleagues. For this reason, both archivists and curators turn to specialists like ourselves whenever they encounter large format scanning needs in virtually any arena. Some may need a bookscanner like the Image Access Bookeye 4 V1, Bookeye 4 V2, or others may need a flatbed scanner like the WideTEK 25 – whatever their requirement, we aim to help.


Speaking of help, we found that everyone at the show was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since the Western Roundup provides leading archival professionals from around the nation the opportunity to gather at one location with the purpose of providing an outlet for creative minds to share their common interests and discuss their trade. Not only is that an outstanding cause, but it also goes hand-in-hand with the services which we specialize in at Large Document Solutions.


A big part of archiving and curation is the transference of information from one form of media to another – typically, from print media to digital media. As an example, imagine someone who owns a very old book – one with torn, frayed pages, and a cracked binding which is beginning to fall apart after years of use. This person may want to scan the pages of that book in order to create a digital copy, so that the book can be read in the future even after the physical copy no longer exists. That’s where our products come into play. Using one of our high-quality large format book scanners, such as the Image Access line of Bookeye products, one can quickly, easily, and – most importantly – safely scan the oldest and most fragile of books with an image quality which will perfectly mirror the original. For an archivist or curator, this kind of technology is ideal for ensuring the preservation of fragile and delicate documents which might otherwise be lost to the flow of time.


Our friends at the Western Roundup were enthusiastic to learn about all of the benefits which book scanners can offer in the process of archiving and curation, and were surprised to learn how far the technology has come in recent years. As a company which prides itself on our reputation for customer care and service, this is the kind of information which we are always more than happy to provide. Following the terrific experience we had at this year’s event, we’ll be eagerly looking forward to the next conference which the SRMA has in store!