If your new to the large format or document archive arena it is a daunting task to know what is really required.  The big question is, “Should I rent or should I buy?”

There are many advantages of renting if your needs are for a one time archive project:  

  1. Why have unused inventory if the scanner is not being used
  2. Initial costs are 1/5 – 1/3 the price of purchasing
  3. Hardware and software support for the duration of the rental
  4. Try before you buy, every scanner has options that are useful or just overkill.  Trying helps that decision
  5. Only pay for the time the scanner is used.
  6. If renting is the way to go, choose a company that rents and sells scanners.  This is the best way to find out what level of customer service they provide
  7. Always have the latest software and firmware levels for the scanner rented


  1. The equipment has been used
  2. Only having the equipment on-site for a short period of time, the scanner user may not be totally efficient with the scanner as with purchasing and having that equipment 

Advantages to purchasing:

  1. Newest equipment
  2. Manufactures warranty
  3. After project is complete the scanner is available for other projects
  4. Latest technology


  1. Higher initial cost
  2. Once the unit is purchased, upgrades to existing equipment is expensive. 

Large Document Solutions does rent and sell high quality scanners. They pride themselves as technicians rather than just a scanner store. They provide support for as long as you own the equipment.  They can help you complete your project by renting high quality used equipment for short term needs or purchase a scanner for the long haul.