Very few companies deal with used and rental scanners. Part of the reason for this is because most companies do not have the technical personal that can refurbish a heavily used scanner and turn it into an almost new scanner. Large Document Solutions is one of those companies. We are able to take a scanner that has been abused and turn back the clock. Here is a Colortrac SC42 scanner that was taken in for repair. From the looks of the scanner, very dirty milar material has been scanned. This is no problem for the team at Large Document Solutions.

See the before and after pictures of major mechanical parts of this scanner:


Every scanner is completely gone over when it arrives at our shop. In this particular case, the Push Up Roller was removed and cleaned. If the roller does not meet our requirements, that roller will be replaced with new. The plastic and rubber rollers were thoroughly cleaned as seen above in the before and after images. The rubber rollers are treated differently. We want them to be clean but supple in order to grab the original scanned document and feed through the scanner correctly. If incorrect cleaning chemicals are used, that roller will become slick and not function properly. The glass is also inspected for condition. If the glass has scratches that cannot be calibrated out, it is replaced. Last but not least, the pressure shocks that hold the lid open are tested. These are also replaced if needed.

Once the mechanical work is completed the scanner is run through calibration/normalization and stitching testing. Scans are completed and inspected. This is just a snapshot of what is done to a used scanner to refurbish and get the scanner almost new!