Service after the sale, contact Large Document Solutions with helpful and courteous technical support

At Large Document Solutions we sell scanners but we also service them too.  We feel this helps us set us apart from all the online large format scanner sales companies.  

Just this week we received a call from a customer who was having problems with a Colortrac Scan! 36″ scanner.  The scanner was working perfectly for a long period of time then, they started to see scans that were getting very light.  they did not know what to do.

The first thing to try when the scan quality starts to deteriorate is to calibrate the scanner.  This is usually the main reason scans seem to get washed out.  On our website we have a short video on how to do this.  Click this link for a short video on how to calibrate.  But before you calibrate the scanner, you should clean the glass with a soft cloth.  Yes, we do have a video for that also.  Here is a short video on how to clean the glass.  If there are still problems.  You can always give us a call or shoot us an email.  We are happy to walk our customers through the process.  Our phone n umber is (866) 338-4464 or email at  We provide phone and internet support for as long as you own the equipment not just until the warranty is expired.  That is what sets us apart from all the other large format scanner stores in the USA.  We also sale nationwide including Canada and Hawaii.