OneDrive file sharing

OneDrive is usually installed during Windows 10 installation.  That means it lives on a Windows 10 workstation.  It acts as a “Dropbox” on the workstation as a pipe to the web.  We will be configuring the scanner share as a SMB share and pointing it to the “OneDrive” folder on the workstation.
Steps to Configure:

  1. From a computer workstation enter the IP address from a web browser.
  2. Go to the “Setup Device” and sign in as the Poweruser.
  3. In the “Base Settings” group in the setup menu, select “Templates”.
  4. Select the “SMB Share” button.
  5. Create a new configuration by duplicating one of the “Connection #” ‘s.
  6. Here is a sample configuration. 

A: The scanner needs to be authenticated with the computer that has the DropBox folder.  This turns it on.

B:  User name to login to computer.
C:  Password to login to computer.
D: The command line path where the scanned document will be saved.
E:  The name of the template.
F:  This parameter turns the option on in the scanning software.

All other options are left as is.

To test the configuration click the “Configuration Test” link:

If all is well a 1kb “ConfigTest.txt” file will be saved to the desired location.

Steps to Execute:

  1. Enter the IP address on your web browser.
  2. Select “Launch Scan Application”.
  3. Scan the document.
  4. Select “Transfer”, “SMB Share”, and as configured above “OneDrive”
  5. The file will then be saved on the OneDrive and the folder configured folder.
  6. To test the process, go to the configured folder and see if the file is there.

Done, Congratulations!