We often have customers weighing their options between purchasing a new or used scanner. While there are many considerations, it really depends on the customer’s budget and needs. We can help you determine what matters most to your organization so that you can make an informed decision.

Large Document Solutions is one of the only companies nationally that offers a vast (and ever-evolving) selection of used equipment, in addition to every major manufacturer and model of new equipment.

Here are some points to consider when deciding between new or used:

  • Used equipment is typically less expensive, which can be a significant advantage if you’re on a tight budget—allowing you to save money while still acquiring a high-quality scanner that meets your needs.
  • We thoroughly clean and calibrate all of our used scanners before carefully packaging them for the next customer—so you can be confident you are receiving equipment in good condition.
  • While we do offer remote technical support with our used machines, buying new gives you the additional service and support of the manufacturer warranty. This provides peace of mind and ensures that you won’t be left with a costly repair bill if there are any issues.
  • New scanners come equipped with the latest technology, which means you’ll benefit from improved speed, resolution, and image quality. You’ll also have access to the latest software updates, which can help you work more efficiently and produce better results.
  • What are your long term scanning goals? If you have a short term project or low volume scanning over many years, used may be best for you. If you are looking for more reliable equipment that will last far into the future, consider buying new.

Ultimately, whether you decide to purchase a new or used large format scanner depends on your budget, your needs, and your willingness to take on risk. Whatever you decide, be sure to research your options thoroughly and choose a scanner that meets your specific requirements. We are here to help!

Check out all of our used equipment currently available here. Our inventory changes frequently, so please contact us for the most current items available!