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Estefold 3010
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Folding has never been so easy! The Estefold 3010 is a perfect complement to all large format printers.

Technical plans, drawings and alike can be folded accurately and efficiently using this top-notch folding system. Finished, sharp-edged folding packages are ejected face up at an ergonomic height in one step.

Processing more than 10 sheets per minute is effortless - even for inexperienced users.

Key Features:

  • User Interface: 7" Touch Display
  • Feed: Manual (1 step)
  • Speed: up to 98'/min
  • Programs: 45 - Editable
  • Folding Styles: DIN A,B,C & Freestyle
  • Conveyor Capacity: up to 80 A0
  • Panel Width Fan-Fold: 6.7" - 9"
  • Panel Width Cross-Fold: 9.8" - 12.6"

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