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Image Access Bookeye 5 V1A
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Key Features:

  • Color Book Scanner  
  • Sensor Technology: CCD  
  • Scan Area: 25” x 36”  
  • Scan Speed: 1.2 seconds @ 150 dpi   
  • Resolution: 600 dpi  
  • Adjustable V-shaped Book Cradle, Converts to Flatbed Surface  
  • Motorized Compensation Cradle 
  • Integrated Flat Glass Plate  
  • Integrated USB ports, 1 Gigabit True Ethernet with TCP/IP based Interface  
  • No External PC Required; PC and MAC Compatible 
The Bookeye 5 V1A Professional is an archival-quality book scanner that is extremely versatile and fast, accommodating books and documents up to 25" x 36". It has the smallest footprint in the industry for a desktop model, A1+ book scanner. Using the cutting-edge camera technology from Image Access, this scanner captures images at unmatched speeds. At 600 dpi resolution and with all image enhancements turned on, its scanning time is a mere 4 seconds.

The price below includes: 1-Year Full Coverage Warranty, Foot Switch, 21" Touchscreen, 27" Preview Screen. To purchase with options (Batch Scan Wizard Software +$1850), please contact us.