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Image Access WideTEK 36CL-MF1
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Key Features: 

  • Sensor Technology: CIS 
  • Scan Width: 36"
  • Media Width: 38"
  • Media Thickness: 0.1"
  • Scan Speed: 15 ips monochrome, 10 ips color @ 200 dpi
  • Optical Resolution: 1200 dpi
  • Max Resolution: 9600 dpi
  • Interface: 1 GBit Fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net® Interface
  • Paper Path: Face-up  
  • File Formats: PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNM, PNG, BMP, AutoCAD DWF, JBIG, DjVu, DICOM, PCX, Postscript, EPS
The Smarter Alternative.
Fully featured scanner and PC all in one device, available at a highly competitive price.

Fastest MFP solution at the lowest possible price. Delivers documents in brilliant image quality.
The WideTEK36CL-600-MF1 forms the basis of a powerful and high quality MFP system to scan, copy and archive documents at high speed together with the Canon TX-3 000/4000 printers. The scanner comes with a built in PC, a 21” touchscreen, all software preinstalled and the Canon TX stand, which was developed specifically for the TX series printers.  

The WideTEK36CL-600-MF1 also features a built-in closed loop color calibration function, producing the best possible copies for your selected printer and paper combination. All required software option keys are factory installed, making this the easiest to implement MFP solution in the industry.

The WideTEK36CL-600-MF1 solution is by far the fastest color CIS scanner on the market, running at 10 inches per second at 200 dpi in full color. At the full width of 36" and at    600 dpi resolution, the scanner still runs at 1.7 inches per second. The scanning speeds are tripled in black and white and greyscale modes but can be individually configured if required; for example, to scan fragile, valuable documents.

The price below includes: Scanner, Canon PrintWizard Software, 1-Year Full Coverage Warranty, Mounting Kit, 21” Touchscreen Monitor with Arm.