WideTEK 44 Stack-1000

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The WT44STACK-1000 stacks up to 200 44″ wide documents of a wide variety of media accurately and precisely. From newspapers to heavy bond material, the stacker holds it all. The WT44STACK-1000 works seamlessly with any WideTEK scanner, even the WideTEK 36DS double-sided scanner. As soon as the document leaves the scanner, a sensor is activated, and the stacker gently pulls out the document from the scanner. The stacker automatically adjusts to the scanning speed and needs no further adjustments.

Key Features:

  • Precisely stacks up to 200 documents up to 44″ wide and 67″ long
  • Supports multiple media from newspaper to heavy bond
  • Automatically adjusts to the speed of the scanner
  • Doubles productivity and preserves delicate documents
  • Heavy duty, all metal design – Made in Germany

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