Image Access WideTEK 25

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Key Features:

  • Color Flatbed Scanner 
  • Sensor Technology: CCD 
  • Scan Area: 18.5” x 25” 
  • Scan Speed: 3 seconds @ 300 dpi 
  • Resolution: 600 dpi  
  • 3D Visible Surface Texture 
  • 7” Color Touchscreen 
  • 1 Gigabit True Ethernet with TCP/IP Based Scan2Net Interface 
  • No External PC Required; PC and MAC Compatible 
  • Includes: Batch Scan Wizard Software

The Image Access WideTEK 25 flatbed scanner allows the user to scan virtually anything, of any shape and size, that can lay on the 18.5″ x 25″ scan bed. This is especially beneficial for documents that are extremely old and fragile such as historic newspapers, old maps, hand-painted artwork and photos which would not be able to handle the pressure of rollers on a rollfed scanner.

WideTEK 25 Applications:

  • Scanning maps, color posters, display graphics, artwork, photographs
  • Archiving newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and magazines
  • Scanning blueprints, drafts and advertisements on paper board
  • Bound & stapled documents such as contracts, accounting ledgers, handbooks
  • Surface inspection, print output control, Braille
  • Capture 3D textures of fabrics, tiles, stone, flooring, and other textiles
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