Estefold 6011

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The Estefold 6011 achieves top speeds of 92’/min, which makes it the fastest online folding system available worldwide!

Unmatched speed & precision perform fan and cross fold in one pass.

New opportunities to control and customize.

Unique flexibility allows more fold styles than ever before.

Even greater comfort through enhanced output capacity.

Available in two versions – with or without integrated tab applicator.

Boost your productivity through unattended printing and folding.

Key Features:

  • Interface: USB & CAN
  • Fold Speed: up to 92’/min
  • Paper Feed: Automatic & Manual
  • Stacking Capacity: up to 150 Plans
  • Cross Fold Width: 8.3″ – 12.2″
  • Cross Fold Length: up to 8′

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