Nestled in the heart of Historic Oak Park, Illinois, Graphic Conservation Company stands as an expert in the delicate art of paper conservation and restoration. Since 1982, their dedicated team of paper conservators has been committed to safeguarding the rich tapestry of human history. From miniature ephemera to oversized masterpieces, no project is too small or too large for their staff. With an extensive library of antique papers and boards at their disposal, they possess the unique ability to match repairs seamlessly, ensuring that each restored piece retains its authenticity and integrity.


Graphic Conservation Company has had the privilege of serving a diverse clientele, including private collectors, museums, historical societies, and institutions worldwide. From precious family documents to valuable fine art and historical artifacts of national significance, they have been entrusted with the conservation of a wide array of treasures. In addition to restoration, their full-service lab also offers museum-quality preservation services, ensuring that work on paper is stored and displayed in a safe and archival manner, ready to inspire future generations.


At Large Document Solutions, we understand that paper, while timeless, is also susceptible to damage over time. We are passionate about supporting customers in their digitization efforts. That’s why we were thrilled that they purchased the Image Access Bookeye 5 V2 Professional overhead scanner for their state-of-the-art lab as an additional tool, enabling them to address a myriad of paper-related damages with safety, precision and care. We are happy to be a part of their commitment to excellence and their dedication to preserving the stories and history with reverence and respect for the original materials.


One way that Graphic Conservation Company is expanding their reach and educating others in the art of paper conservation and restoration is through being featured in a new YouTube series by Baumgartner Restoration called, “Behind the Canvas.” This 8-part series explores the behind-the-scenes efforts from art handlers, to linen factories, frame guilders, and paper conservators. Check out this episode of “Behind the Canvas” here.


“We were so excited to bring the Bookeye to our lab. It has quickly become one of our favorites, especially with all fragile bound materials.”
– Graphic Conservation Co.