Broad Range of scanners for your scanning project

Large Document Solutions is committed to offer a broad range of large format scanners.  Roll feed, flatbed, and book scanners. 

Roll feed scanners are the most in-expensive scanners comparatively speaking.  At the entry level of roll feed scanners is the portable, 24” & 36” Colortrac Scan! This scanner is perfect for low volume scanning on-the-go.  It offers a padded carrying case for those applications that need to have scans made onsite.  The top end is the Image Access WideTEK 48 CCD scanner.  This is a workhorse machine.  Complete with CCD scanning technology it has an on-board Linux computer.  Access is via a web browser, Scan2Net, and Batch Scan Wizard software.  This scanner is happy in a Microsoft Window, Apple, or Linux environments.  48” wide built to last.  A must for any office either a service bureau or an art studio with high resolution requirements.

Flatbed scanners are another area of scanners Large Document Solutions is an expert at.  Sizes ranging from 18 ½” x 12” all the way up to 50” x 100”.  Depending on your needs they have it all.  All these flatbed scanners include the CCD scanning technology, Scan2NET, walk-up, and Batch Scan Wizard scanning. 

Scanning books can be a hassle they have their own challenges.  The scanners offered at Large Document Solutions fit these challenges.  Scan bound books, artwork still in its frame, newspapers, anything 8” thick or less.  Scan using a foot pedal makes scanning a breeze.  Scanning with Batch Scan Wizard on newspapers and magazines is also a breeze.  Having to hold the book open, the Scan2Net software has tools to remove those pesky fingers on the fly. 

Give us a call, we are happy to tell you all about these wonderful scanners.  Built to last, built for the job!