Purchasing a scanner or printer at Large Document Solutions and worried about support?  Don’t fret!  We support all the equipment we sell nation-wide!  We use a variety of tools to support this equipment.  Our most favorite tools are www.gotomeeting.com.  We can train, troubleshoot, and advise with this tool.  We can even do a video presentation showing how a scanner is used via the web.  Lucky enough to live in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas or New Mexico?  We do onsite setups and tech support.  A good example was a used SMA Map Master XL ( 50” x 36” ) flatbed Scanner sold to one of our customers in Casper Wyoming. The tech Mike and the boss Kevin traveled 4 ½ hours to the delivery site to install and train.  We provided post sales web support and general troubleshooting while they had possession of the scanner.  After a year, the scanner was to be moved to their site in Rawlins Wyoming.  Again Large Document Solutions traveled to Casper, carefully packed the scanner and moved it down the road to it’s next location in Rawlings.  The location of the scanner was a small construction building.  Large Document Solutions were able to move the scanner to that small space, worked with the IT staff at the location to properly configure the scanner for their local area network, then provided training for 7 staff members.  Large Document Solutions will be providing training via the web on an ongoing basis as long as they own this equipment.  Support after the sale is the backbone of this company.  For more information about large format scanners and printers, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  That number is (866) 338-4464 or www.largeformatscanners.com.