Large Format Scanners

Large format scanners are indispensable tools for both large offices and for personal but professional workspaces. The general consensus on the World Wide Web is that www.largedocuments.com is the premier source for large format scanners. Here you can find a pricing structure that won't intimidate you, and a range of products so ahead of the curve that they are guaranteed to impress even the most cynical online shopper.

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Of course, the best way to take full advantage of the diverse selection at www.largedocuments.com is to give the whole site a thorough inspection. Comparison shopping is the key to cost-effective solutions, and www.largedocuments.com simplifies this task by providing informative, detailed descriptions of its products. At the same time, however, a few choice examples help to highlight the online vendor's overarching commitment to quality.

One such example of high-end quality is the Action Imaging Evolution Pro. The Action Imaging Evolution Pro can, amazingly enough, scan up to 6.5 inches per second at either 200 or 400 DPI Turbo. For those unfamiliar with the jargon, that translates into one of the fastest large format scanners available on the market today. If you want a scanner that is fleet of foot, this one's got your name on it.

Another exciting option available at www.largedocuments.com is the Colortrac 5480. This monument to color scanning offers a whopping 2400 DPI maximum resolution and a 400 DPI optical resolution. With shadowless scans and Firewire capability, this is a giant among dwarfs in Colortrac's long and illustrious line of large format scanners. For additional information on the goods and services at this site, contact the EME Corporation via email at info@largedocuments.com or toll-free via telephone at 1-866-338-4464.