Large Format Printer with Scanner

With today's dual-use technology, you can easily find a large format printer with scanner. The most respected and reliable source on the Internet for printer/scanner combinations remains the perennial favorite, This site offers printers, scanners, copiers, plotters, and loads of software--all at reasonable prices that you can't find anywhere else.

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At this unique site, you can select a large format printer with scanner from a wide variety of choices. Indeed, their comprehensive collection of high-quality scanners include the Graphtec CS500 and Colortrac 4080, both of which can easily be used to upgrade just about any Inkjet printer with scan-to-file, scan-to-print, scan-to-email, and scan-to-PDF capabilities.

The Graphtec CS500 can easily be combined with many of the exciting options in printers available at It is equipped to offer users an impressive 0.1 percent accuracy, which means your images will be crisp and clear, even with the most intricately detailed drawings. It also incorporates "hands free" Intelligent Thickness Adjustment, the closest thing to A.I. that designers have achieved in the scanner industry. Imagine this machine used in collaboration with an exceptional Inkjet printer--like the HP 1050C Plus, with its groundbreaking JetExpress technology--and you realize just how powerful and useful a high-quality large format printer with scanner can be.

The Colortrac 4080 also offers superior features like 400 DPI deep focus Contact Image Sensors and SmartLF "read to run" software, making it a perfect complement to an advanced Inkjet printer. To learn more, contact the innovators behind the site by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to