Large Format Flatbed Scanners

The single most comprehensive source for large format flatbed scanners is, owned and operated by the EME Corporation. At this website, you can find large format flatbed scanners at record low prices. If you have originals that simply will not pass through standard scanners, large format flatbed scanners are necessary. That doesn't mean, however, that they have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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When it comes to large format flatbed scanners, the brands available through this website include both Colortrac and Contex/Vidar. The Colortrac 24120 includes a mammoth scanning area of 24" by 36" and a 3600 DPI resolution, perfect for scanning and archiving irregular, rare, and delicate originals. This machine is perfect for professionals from engineers to cartographers and won't put an excessively large dent in anyone's wallet.

Consider as well the exceptional cost-effectiveness of Vidar's Designer 18. The Designer 18 offers an impressive scan area of 18" by 24", and has no limitations when it comes to document thickness. With its revolutionary iJET technology package, the Designer 18 is the ultimate choice in large format flatbed scanners.

To learn more about these large format flatbed scanners, or about the many other scanners, copiers, printers, and software available at, contact the professionals behind the site directly. They can be reached via email at or via telephone toll free at 1-866-338-4464. Find out for yourself the ways in which efficient and effortless digital filing is cheaper than ever before.