Large Format Document Scanners

The industry leader in the sale of large format document scanners is This user-friendly and informative site offers all of the best choices in large format document scanners at considerably reduced prices. Nowhere else on the Internet will you find such a professional approach to the online sale of large format document scanners.

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This site offers three different types of scanners: black and white scanners, color scanners, and aperture card scanners. A good place to begin is with black and white large format document scanners, a prime example of which is the Graphtec IS 200 Pro. This high performance machine offers an 8-bit grayscale capture capability, a sublime pick for someone interested in perfect black and white images.

When it comes to large format document scanners with color capability, this site offers a number of thrilling choices. One fine example is the Vidar Atlas P42 Plus. This hotshot can scan up to 10 inches per second in graytone and 3 inches per second in 24-bit RGB.

Finally, an exciting and useful addition to any office space is an aperture card scanner, like the Contex ACS 4600. This item is a perfect solution for people who need to scan a vast amount of microfilm already mounted on aperture cards, allowing for digital filing. If you are interested in learning more about the EME Corporation and their offerings, contact them via email at or via telephone toll free at 1-866-338-4464.