Scanner Repair & Support

Here at Large Document Solutions, we have 3 trained scanner repair technicians.  Kevin Brinks has been selling, consulting, and repairing scanners since the early 1990’s.  David Gerbholz one of our newest employees comes to us from the elevator trade.  He has over 10 years in machine repair including computers, elevator, & mechanical repair.   David’s primary responsibilities include product sales both pre sales and post sales. He is one of our most diverse employees because of his varied and unique skills.  Mike Korn has been repairing computer and network systems and scanner equipment for over 5 years and his primary job is scanner support both pre and post sales.

This week at Large Document Solutions we have had a large number of scanner repairs.  These repairs range from simple firmware and application software updates to logic board failure.  These scanners come from scanners we have sold and scanners which we have purchased and are working on refurbishing these scanners for resale. All used scanners are given a complete service check and repair if needed before they are available for resale.

Having 3 trained employees and access to engineers at Image Access, Colortrac, and Contex scanner manufacturers positions Large Document Solutions as a great resource for purchasing and post sales service of your scanning products.
Next time you are looking to purchase a large format scanner, keep us in mind.  As the saying goes, “We service what we sell”.  Give us a call we would like to help.  (866) 338-4464.