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Happy Halloween from Large Document Solutions

Happy Halloween

By Large Documents - October 31, 2018

Large Document Soluions would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! 

Almost 100 reasons to purchase an Image Access WT60CL Large Format Scanner

Image Access WT60CL features for your next Large Format Purchase

By Large Documents - October 31, 2018

Image Access’s WideTEK 60CL-600 is the fastest 60 inch color CIS scanner on the market. Fast! Scanning at 8 inches per second at 150 dpi in full color. At the full width of 60” and 600dpi resolution, the scanner competes at 1 inch per second. The scanning speeds are tripled in black and white and grayscale modes but can be individually configured if required for example, to scan fragile, valuable documents.
All of these speeds are guaranteed, due to the Scan2Net® technology integrated in the scanner´s own built in 64 bit Linux PC. It is a true standalone system, capable of scanning directly to FTP servers, hot folders, USB drives, to cloud applications in the internet or copying to printers directly, without the need for an extra computer system.

The WideTEK CL series produces extraordinarily sharp images, with color accuracy even superior to competing CCD scanners. Document rotation is done on the fly, a scan of an E-sized / A0 document in landscape at 300 dpi in 24bit color takes less than 7 seconds to scan and another 2 seconds to crop & deskew, preview and store.

If those reasons are not enough to consider purchasing a WideTEK60CL scanner from Large  Document Solutions, check out these reasons:
Scans up to 60” originals
1200 x 1200 DPI Scanner resolution
Scanning is fast: 8” per second at 150 DPI, 24-bit color
• Scan unlimited lengths to multipage PDF files
• Integrated 64BIT LINUX, Intel Quad Core, 16 GB RAM, 128GB SSD
• Network interface card supports Gigiabit TCP/IP speeds
Face up scanning
• Center feed, left or right side feed.  Pick whatever is easiest
• Auto size and positon detection
• Auto crop and deskew
• Durable, antistatic, all metal paper path
• Virtual rescan, modify images without re-scanning
• Optional external full HD touchscreen monitor with arm available
• Scanned output formats include: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipagePDF and TIFF, DICOM and many more
• Windows or Mac, no problem.  The scanner is OS independent, runs with Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, Mac
• Access the scanner from an browser: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
• PrintWizard copies to networked printers or hot folders
• Wide color gamut, supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native RGB

•Floor stand with adjustable paper catch
•External full HD 21” touchscreen with flexible monitor arm
•Batch Scan Wizard for high volume scanning
•Full Coverage Warranty – Up to 5 years, free spare parts & more
•Print Wizards for Canon (iPF, OCE), HP (DesignJet, PageWide),EPSON SureColor

If these reasons are not satisfactory for your next large format purchase, we have many more.  Give us a  call (866) 338-4464 or email at for more information, pricing, speeds and feeds, and service and support.


NEW Product by Canon - TM Series

Introducing Canon's TM Printer / Scanner Combo - What you need to know

By Large Documents - October 25, 2018

Large Document Solutions and Canon U.S.A., Inc. are proud to announce their newest line of scanning/printing products.  The TM Series.  These products are 24” and 36” wide large format printers that can be coupled with a similar size scanner produced by Colortrac.  Canon makes the best and most flexible large format printers while Colortrac makes the most popular and easy to use large format scanners.

The 36” TM-300 Multi-Function-Process or MFP T36 is a Scan-To-Copy/File/Share integrated solution. The T36 scanner and All-In-One computer with SmartWorks software is the fastest and quietest MFP system Canon has developed. This solution has everything needed to copy, scan, archive and share maps, drawings, renderings and posters.
This TM Series printers utilize the 5-color LUCIA TD Pigment ink system for water-resistant prints and is a faster printer of multipage files and sets than previous models.  Faster and now 60% quieter than previous iPF printers.

For those who need to print and re-print documents, the TM-305 model is the one for you!  PDF and JPEG files can be directly printed from the printer. You can preview the image on the operation panel prior to printing.  This model includes a 500 GB internal hard drive.

The TM-200 comes as a printer as well as a MFP system.   With all the functions of the TM-300 but in a 24” width.

The TM Series are capable of mobile printing via WIFI from anywhere in the office or from a job site.  Intuitive 3" color touch screen panel for simple device control.

Speaking speeds and feeds:

• Scanning speed of up to 13 inches per second (Monochrome) and up to 6 inches per second (color)
• Scan documents up to 2.0 mm thick
• Face-up front-loading scanning with rear exit
• SmartWorks MFP Software
•  Max scan width 36"
•  Media thickness .08"
•  Max scan length 315" (JPG/PDF), 598" (TIF)
•  Max scan resolution 1200 dpi optical
•  Scan speeds 48 bit full color @ 200 6" per second
•  Scan speeds 16 bit grey or mono @ 200 dpi 13" per second

•  Flat Stacking Basket on TM-305
•  New Large-Format Printer with 5-Color TD Pigment Ink
•  Integrated Solution—Scanner Mounts Directly to the Printer
•  All-in-one 15.6" Touch Screen PC
•  500 GB Hard Drive on the TM305
•  Media Core 2" & 3"
•  Media cut sheet or roll feed
•  Max media width 38"

These and other models are available at Large Document Solutions.  Give us a call (866) 338-4464 or via email for more information, pricing, & availability.

How to Create a Multipage PDF file using Image Access' ScanWizard

How to Create a Multipage PDF file using Image Access' ScanWizard

By Large Documents - October 10, 2018

Creating a multipage PDF file using an Image Access scanner is very easy.  Launch ScanWizard scanning application via your web browser. 
In order to create multiple images and store them in the scanners internal memory you must launch "Job Mode".  At this point the scanner user can adjust settings e.g. DPI, scan quality, and any enhancements.  

Scan your documents. The file listing will be shown in the right side image list.

Once the scanned files are complete, they can be saved in one of three formats, 1)  multipage PDF, 2) multipage ZIP, or 3) individual files.  A demonstration of this process can be found by viewing this short video.

For more information about this process and give us a call.  We can be reached at (866) 338-4464 or  


How to Scan Weathered Originals and Make them New Again

Using Scanning Master 21+ to make your scans better than new

By Large Documents - September 26, 2018

Have you ever needed to scan an original but the original is in such bad shape it makes the copy look bad.  Technology has really come a long way.  Most large format scanners have the capability to modify a copy to look better than the original.  Image Access, Colortrac, Contex, and Graphtec scanners are capable to providing this feature.  Graphtec scanners have had this feature since early 2010.

This article is about how to accomplish this with Graphtec scanners and specifically Scanning Master 21+ version 6.80.  This application uses a feature called “Rocker Mode” to continually scan a portion of a document and dynamically adjust the parameters to get the best scan possible.  Before this feature was implemented, the scanner user would have to scan a document, check it, scan it again with a parameter change and check it again.  Loading and re-loading the fragile original a number of times.  With Rocker Mode, once is enough.  Large Document Solutions has created a short 6 minute video on how to use Scanning Master 21+ to dynamically adjust the software for the best possible scan.  It can be found in the Resources tab on our website (  Scroll down to “Graphtec Scanners” and find the link that says: “How to use Rocker Mode”.  This will launch the video.  Or just click this link.  As always, if you have any questions about this video, large format scanners and plotters, give us a call (866) 338-4464.   

Support after the Sale - Example: Colortrac SmartLF LSeries

Large Document Solutions Large Format Scanners - Support After the Sale

By Large Documents - September 25, 2018

The SmartLF LSeries Scanner is Colortrac’s most economical color roll feed scanner.  The scan quality is very good and best of all it is portable!  Like most scanners they need a little maintenance every once in a while.  Large Document Solutions is proud of offer assistance with this and other models of large format scanners.  It does not matter is your scanner is in or out of warranty.  We service what we sell.  As long as you own the equipment and it has been purchased from us, we will provide phone and internet support for your scanner.  If the scanner is out of warranty and you need parts, that is a billable item.  If you need onsite, that too would be a billable item.  If you need phone or dial-in support we can help.

Our website is packed with information to help with your scanning needs.  We have tech blogs and videos that are very helpful and free to use.

Take for example the Colortrac SmartLF LSeries Scan 36!  We have videos to help you calibrate, install new firmware, clean the glass.  We have help documents to assist you in configuring the scan-to-pc software.

Give it a try.  They are very helpful.  If you need to call us, sure we are available to help.  If you are in need of a replacement, we can help there too.  Call us at (866) 338-4464 or go to


How to install and license Image Access “PerfectStitch” Scanning Software

How to install and license Image Access “PerfectStitch” Scanning Software

By Large Documents - September 18, 2018

PerfectStitch is a utility that enables manual stitching of two scanned documents together.  A very easy to use piece of software.  Here is how to install and license the product.
1. Download the Perfect Stitch software by following this link:  Down Load Perfect Stitch
2. Start the install process and follow the defaults.  (No thinking required)
3. Execute PerfectStitch.  The demo version is installed.  This is a full featured version.  
4. For online HELP refer to the upper right hand corner.  To licencse PerfectStitch go to HELP and choose “Buy Full Version”.
5. Copy the displayed “PC Id”.
6. To license PerfectStitch please keep the PerfectStitch software open and follow the displayed instructions. 
7. Complete the serial number in the space provided of the Image Access scanner. If you are not using this application on an Image Access scanner, click “Continue without serial number”.

Two usage options: 1)  License Perfect Stitch based on an Image Access scanner serial number. or 2) Without purchased scanner. (Please note: There will be a price difference if the software is used on a non-Image Access scanner).

How to Correct Stitching Issue with Image Access Scanners

How to Correct Stitching Issues with Image Access WideTek Scanners

By Large Documents - September 14, 2018

Stitching problems with Image Access WT36, 44, 48 scanners can be attributed to an incorrect scanning configuration.  For most scanning (99%), it is recommended that you configure your scanning jobs either with Scan2Net or BSW to scan “Adaptive 2D”.

There are three modes of Scanning

  1. Fixed - Stitch is fixed at the Glass plate if the Paper move away from the Glass as it scans you will see the Stitch (as in the Case of your image that you sent)
  2. Off – The Scanner does not do any Stitching (only on Flatbed and Art Scanner)
  3. 2D adaptive Stitch – The Scanner will do all the Stitching for you. 99% of the Scanning should be done with 2D adaptive Stitching
It is easy to check a scanned image for parameters.  A TIF file format works the best.  Using either Microsoft Wordpad or Notepad to open the scanned file.  In the header of the file lists how the scanned image was created.  See the sample below.  Notice the parameter “stitchadaptive=off”.  This file was not scanned with “adaptive 2D”.

stitch_x=-10.3, -9.9, -7.2,
stitch_y=-0.6, -1.1, -1.2,

Here is how to adjust to adaptive 2d In Batch Scan Wizard (BSW).  Another method is to user Scan2Net and set the parameter, then open the “default” template in BSW and the configuration will be already set.

For more information to configuring this scanning feature or other questions about  Image Access, Colotrac, Contex or Graphtec scanners give us a call at (866) 338-4464.  Mention you read about this on Large Document Solutions “News” page.

Mountain Plains Museum Association conference in Billings, MT.

Large Document Solutions is taking Scanning on the Road

By Large Documents - September 13, 2018

Large Document Solutions is attending the MPMA (Mountain Plains Museum Association) conference in Billings, MT. Large Document Solutions sells and rents equipment for digitizing large format originals including historical documents, books, maps, photographs ,art..... information can be found at or  If you're in the neigborhood, come on by or just give us a call at (866) 338-4464.  

SMA Versascan awarded Product of the Year 2018!

SMA Versascan awarded Product of the Year 2018!

By Large Documents - August 30, 2018

SMA VERSASCAN awarded Product of the Year 2018!  SMA is proud to announce that the SMA VERSASCAN (Large Format Flatbed) has won the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association Product of the Year competition! The competition highlights digital imaging products that keep the specialty imaging industry moving forward. 

Come find us at the SGIA show in Las Vegas October 18-20, 2018, SMA Booth #3382.  We are one of the leading SMA vendors in the United States and Canada.  Come on by, we will be glad to show you around.  Don't forget to let them know that you heard about us via the Large Document Solutions blog.  Our top product analyst will be there to answer any questions you may have.  Ask us about our fall special!  If you can't wait until the show, give us a call at (866) 338-4464 or email at