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Rearranging scan image position using ScanWizard

ScanWizard/Scan Job Help

By Large Documents - May 22, 2019

This short video demonstrates how to insert a scanned image into a set of scanned documents using "Job Mode".  An example would be a bad scan was observed or missing and the image needs to be placed in it proper place.  This video explains how to do this.  Follow the link below on how to accomplish this task:
                                                 Video Link to insert image into job set


Colorado County Clerks Association Conference

Steamboat Springs Colorado June 2nd thru 5th 2019

By Large Documents - May 15, 2019

Large Document Solutions is proud to participate in the Colorado County Clerks Association Conference in Steamboat Springs, Colorado June 2nd thru 5th 2019. 

We will be demonstrating the Image Access Book Scanner model BE4V2 Kiosk and how it can increase productivitiy with your scanning projects.  This is a wonderful machine and multifunctional.  Books with thick binders, no problem.  Flat documents, again no problem.  A wide range of achival documents can be scanned in one easy motion.  This is a perfect scanner for cities, counties, and government districts.  

The Image Access Bookeye (BE) V2 Kiosk scanner is just one model available perfect for archiving.  Come check us out at the exhibitor’s reception at the conference. 

Check out the BE’s technical specifications:

Scan area 18 x 24 inches
Auto format with edge recognition A2, A3, A4 Letter & legal. User defined up to 18 x 24"
Scan Speed 1.6 sec @ 200 DPI (B&W or Color)
Color depth 36 bit color, 12 bit grayscale
File formats PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, PNM, TIFF Compressed, TIFF G4 (CCITT)
Precise scanning lens with CCD image sensors and 22,500 pixels
Scan output 24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
Network scanning via web browser

Come visit our booth at this years event.  We have other equipment that we will be demonstrating.  You don't want to miss it.

Large Document Solutions is a Colorado based company servicing Colorado and the surrounding region.  We sell and support our equipment all over the United States and Canada.

Large Document Solutions sells archiving, production, and wide format scanners, they also sell multifunction equipment.  Tell us your project and we can tailor a scanner printer combo for your needs.

We look forward to answering your questions in Steamboat Springs Colorado, June 2nd thru 5th!

Remember, we service what we sell!

If you cannot stop by, give us a call or email at (866) 338-4464 or

Job Announcement

Large Document Solutions is looking for part time sales and tech support professionals

By Large Documents - April 1, 2019

Looking for part-time, flexible work in a fun environment? 

We are growing at Large Document Solutions (located in Centennial, CO) and looking for smart, self-driven people to work in the areas of administration, product placement and customer service.  We are a small, nationally successful sales company that provides customers with solutions to their large format document needs through customer service via phone and internet.  Experience to work here is not required, just a passion and ability to learn.  We will provide the training!  This is a great opportunity for technically-minded, customer-focused, self-driven people who want flexibility.  If you are interested in working at Large Document Solutions, please send your resume and tell us why you are interested to  Or feel free to give us a call at 303 773-9015. 


Why Rent a Scanner from Large Document Solutions

Scanner maintenance on Rental Scanners

By Large Documents - February 6, 2019

Why rent a scanner from Large Document Solutions?  The answer is simple, we rent and maintain our scanners.  We also provide online support both software and hardware of these rental scanners.

HARDWARE: Every scanner is serviced before they go out for the next rental.  Take for example this Colortrac Gx+42c CCD scanner.  It is not the newest scanner on the market but a real work horse.  This scanner was rented for an entire year.  The customer had a room full of large format documents to scan.  

This image shows the the left rollers.  They were very dirty and yellow.  Notice on the right, the rollers were cleaned.  They look almost new.

The glass was in good shape but filled with paper debris.  That too was cleaned.  The endcap was damaged.  This was removed and replaced with a replacement.  Hinges and lid locks are examined and tested.  Still a very good scanner. 

After all the maintenance and repairs are complete the scanner goes thru rigorous calibration and stitch testing.  Sample scans are created and examined.

The scanner is then certified when all the work is completed and the sample scan quality is excellent.

Large Document Solutions rent 24" -> 36" -> 42" roll feed, flat bed, and book scanners.  Give us a call, tell us the scope of your project.  We are glad to help.  Call us at (866) 338-4464    

Why use Carrier Sheets for Large Format Scanning

Better Scans with carrier sheets from Large Document Solutions

By Large Documents - January 31, 2019

Protect Your Documents:  Carrier sheets are a great way to protect your fragile, dry, aging, and valuable documents when scanning using a large format roll-feed scanner.  

Protect Your Scanner:  Scanner glass can be easily scratched from documents contaminated with storage dirt and dust.  Scan documents in badly torn condition or with missing edges.  Scan multiple lightweight or oddly shaped originals, including upholstery patterns.  Scan transparencies more effectively with a large format carrier sheet.  

When to use the White Background Carrier Sheet
Scan transparencies more effectively.  Light reflection and scan quality is improved by the white backing sheet.

When to use the Black Background Carrier Sheet
Scanning semi-transparent originals printed on both sides. Prevents backside image appearing underneath the image of the front side (when scanning newspapers and double-sided maps).  Black background helps with auto cropping software. Last but not least, works as a black roller substitute.

Large Document Solutions have many different sizes with all three backgrounds: White, Black, & Clear.  We have a carrier sheet for any application. 
Video on how to use our carrier sheets:  

Check out our order sheet 

Image Access WideTEK 60CL CIS scanner - The fastest in the Industry

Image Access WideTEK 60CL Scanner a great addition to the CL family

By Large Documents - January 30, 2019

Introduced in late 2018, Large Document Solutions and Image Access would like to introduce the WideTEK 60CL roll feed scanner.  A compliment to its little brothers the WideTEK 36CL (36”) and WideTEK48CL (48”).  The fastest scanner in it’s class, quality images at 8 inches per second at 150 dpi in 24bit color.  At 60 inches and 600 dpi resolution, the scanner will scan 1 inch per second. If scanning in monochrome or greyscale, the scanning speeds are tripled.  A major enhancement is scanning thickness.  The WideTEK 60CL is capable of scanning up to .47 inch documents.  That is almost ½ inch!  Other features are the new monitor arm and more convenient on/off buttons and USB 3.0 output port.

Like all Image Access scanners document rotation is done on the fly.  No need to rescan.  A scan of an E-sized / A0 (36”x48”) document in landscape at 300 dpi in 24bit color can be completed in less than 7 seconds and less than 2 seconds to crop & deskew, preview, cleanup, compress and store on your network store.

This and other scanners can be found at or just give us a call at (866) 338-4464 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Image Access - Shipping Box

New Image Access shipping box

By Large Documents - January 24, 2019

Image Access and Large Document Solutions has introduced a padded shipping box for their WideTEK 36cl scanners.  Now it is possible to safely ship your Image Access scanner from destination to destination.  As the saying goes, "Have scanner will travel". Now it is possible to take your large format scanner to destinations where originals cannot be removed from the location.  

There are two models of this travel box. The large box will hold the scanner and monitor the smaller box just the scanner.  The box has 4 quality hinges for safe removal of the scanner.  Very durable.  A perfect option for traveling.

Dimensions of this box is 18" x 15 1/2" x 48" with two industrial quality wheels for easy one person transport.

For more information about this box contact Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464 or

Join Large Document Solutions at the CCCD 2019 Conference

CCCD 2019 Conference - Colorado Springs Colorado

By Large Documents - January 21, 2019

Join us at the Colorado County Clerks Association Winter Conference. Located at the DoubleTree hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Today thru Wednesday January 23, 2019.

Check out the latest in scanning and archiving equipment.  We specialize in large format scanners manufactured by Image Access.  Come see the WideTEK 36CL and Bookeye  BE V2 Book Scanners.  

Thank you and we look forward to helping you with your Large Document Solution!

Invitation to the Colorado County Clerks Association Winter Conference

Monday January 21st thru Wednesday January 23rd at the Double Tree Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado

By Large Documents - January 16, 2019

Large Document Solutions, a Centennial based company, would like to invite you to visit our booth at the Colorado County Clerks Association Winter Conference. Located at the DoubleTree hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

We have a variety of Large Format products that we would like to share with you. Please see the latest technology in Large Format Scanning with our Image Access WideTEK 36CL and Bookeye Book Scanner.  We will be displaying our WideTEK 36CL's NEW carrying case.  This case is perfect for that remote scanning job where documents cannot leave the building.  We are very excited about this added functionality.

Our scanning solutions play a vital role in Colorado Clerk & Recorder’s department’s processes.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you with your Large Document Solution!


Enabling the Monitor on a WT36 CL Scanner

How enable the touch screen monitor on a WT CL scanner

By Large Documents - January 14, 2019

How to enable the touch screen monitor on an Image Access WideTEK CL scanner.  Large Document Solutions have found that when a brown out or a low power condition is present on the WideTEK CL scanners the monitor becomes inoperable.   

It works just like your cell phone.  Once a low power condition is detected the scanner starts to save power by disabling non-critical systems of the scanner.  The touch screen monitor is in this family. 

To enable the touch screen monitor, follow these simple steps to correct this issue.   
  1. Go into the Scan2Net softare via your web browser.
  2. Login as the Poweruser
  3. In the “Base Settings” group, Select “User Settings”
  4. Then select “Display”
  5. Now make sure the “Disable internal touchscreen” is set to “NO” and the “Display Resolution” is set to “Auto”.  You can adjust the resolution here also.  You can play with this if “Auto” does not work.