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Happy New Year from Large Document Solutions

By Large Documents - December 19, 2017


We wish our customers a happy and healthy new year!
Our office will be closed Monday, January 1st, 2018


Happy Holidays from Large Document Solutions

By Large Documents - December 19, 2017

Our office will be closed Monday,
December 25th, 2017. 

We wish you and yours a happy holiday season!

Batch Scan Wizard - Creating Multipage PDF & TIFF files in One Action

How to scan once and save to PDF & TIFF in one action

By Large Documents - December 13, 2017

Follow these steps:
  1. Create and name the Job in Batch Scan Wizard. 
  2. Go to the “Image Files” tab and check the boxes for Multipage TIFF & PDF.  If you do not want individual files uncheck the box for “Image File Name”
  3. Then click Create/start the job.
  4. Right Click anyone of these scanning mode icons:

  5. When the dialogue box appears, change the file format from “PDF” to “TIFF”, then close.

  6. Now scan your documents.  When the job is complete, Finalize and check your saved folder there should be two files.  One a multipage PDF and the other a multipage TIFF.

​Is Your Office Ready to go Paperless?

Why go Paperless

By Large Documents - December 6, 2017

There are many reasons businesses may decide to scan and archive documents, and several advantages in doing so.  Probably the most important idea behind the process would be the security it affords you.  The problem of “losing” important documents or searching thorough endless file cabinets for a missing piece of paperwork would be a thing of the past.  Everything you need would be accessible with a few keystrokes.  Another benefit would be the ability to enhance older documents to make them easier to read.  Through simple manipulations and adjustments on your scans, certain images become more focused and clear.  If you feel like going paperless is the wave of the future for your office, give Large Document Solutions s a call and we will help you find the easiest, most cost efficient way to make that a reality!

ROWE Scan 850i Scanner

The New ROWE Roll Feed Scanner

By Large Documents - October 17, 2017

Large Document Solutions is proud to announce the ROWE Scan 850i scanner.  German technology available at your fingertips.  Choose from a 55” or 60” wide scanning options.  Thick media, no problem.  The 850i-T can scan up to a 1.18 inch document.  The electrically driven ROWE height adjustment works automatically at the simple push of a key.  Sensors determine the exact thickness of the original, the lid positions itself automatically at the correct height for a guaranteed safe transport of the original.  

The ROWE Scan 850i is comfortable with all cloud systems, and supports all the standard file formats including PDF, PDF/A, Multipage-PDF, TIFF and Multipage-TIFF.  Fast throughput is achieved via the super-speed USB3 data port.
For more information, give us a call at (866) 338-4464 or

Offering a Broad Range of Scanners

Broad Range of scanners for your scanning project

By Large Documents - September 6, 2017

Large Document Solutions is committed to offer a broad range of large format scanners.  Roll feed, flatbed, and book scanners. 

Roll feed scanners are the most in-expensive scanners comparatively speaking.  At the entry level of roll feed scanners is the portable, 24” & 36” Colortrac Scan! This scanner is perfect for low volume scanning on-the-go.  It offers a padded carrying case for those applications that need to have scans made onsite.  The top end is the Image Access WideTEK 48 CCD scanner.  This is a workhorse machine.  Complete with CCD scanning technology it has an on-board Linux computer.  Access is via a web browser, Scan2Net, and Batch Scan Wizard software.  This scanner is happy in a Microsoft Window, Apple, or Linux environments.  48” wide built to last.  A must for any office either a service bureau or an art studio with high resolution requirements.

Flatbed scanners are another area of scanners Large Document Solutions is an expert at.  Sizes ranging from 18 ½” x 12” all the way up to 50” x 100”.  Depending on your needs they have it all.  All these flatbed scanners include the CCD scanning technology, Scan2NET, walk-up, and Batch Scan Wizard scanning. 

Scanning books can be a hassle they have their own challenges.  The scanners offered at Large Document Solutions fit these challenges.  Scan bound books, artwork still in its frame, newspapers, anything 8” thick or less.  Scan using a foot pedal makes scanning a breeze.  Scanning with Batch Scan Wizard on newspapers and magazines is also a breeze.  Having to hold the book open, the Scan2Net software has tools to remove those pesky fingers on the fly. 

Give us a call, we are happy to tell you all about these wonderful scanners.  Built to last, built for the job!

​How to Avoid Shipping Mishaps and Extra Charges

Shipping Mishaps

By Large Documents - August 17, 2017

So, you’ve made the excellent choice to order a large format scanner from Large Document Solutions—what happens next? 

One detail that sometimes gets overlooked is shipping specifics.  Most of the freight companies have certain regulations they use when shipping products.  In order to avoid any delays or unexpected charges, be sure to let us know of any special details that might be involved. 

Some things to consider:
Does your business have special hours?  Freight companies will sometimes charge an extra fee if they attempt a delivery and no one is available to receive the shipment.  If you let us know ahead of time, we can specify any special hours.

Do you have the strength to receive your order?  This may seem funny, but many of our models are quite heavy and you may need to have help maneuvering them around once they arrive.  For a small additional fee, we can request an extra driver to assist.  We can also ask for “Inside Delivery”, where the delivery driver can actually come into your business and assist with placement.  Another option for a minimal fee is a lift gate, just in case your business does not have a loading dock.

Knowing about these options are available can be very beneficial to the delivery process.  Now that you have placed your order, feel free to let us know any special details that might help with making the procedure as quick and easy as possible.  

Graphtec Scanner Consistently Runs in Reverse

How to fix a Graphtec Scanner that continually runs in reverse

By Large Documents - August 16, 2017

Graphtec scanners especially the IS and CS models are very good scanners that are durable, travel well, and are easy to use.  Large Document Solutions uses them in our rental pool with excellent results. 

There are times when debris gets caught in the paper detection sensors.  If the debris is logged in the back sensor, the scanner will think it needs to eject the paper and the effect is the scanner will run in reverse continually until the debris is removed.  Here is a picture of the back sensor on an IS210 scanner:

Here is what the scanner is thinking, because of the scanner thinks there is paper in the back sensor (A) of the scanner but the front sensor (B) has no paper.  The only logical action for the scanner to do is move the paper in reverse until the front sensor detects the paper and the back sensor does not.  The scanner is trying to position the paper in the “Start scanning position” or “Load position”.

The solution to fixing this problem is to clean the back sensor with compressed air or a Q-Tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.  After this is completed.  It is standard procedure at Large Document Solutions to clean the rollers, glass, and finally do a calibration using the Graphtec Utility application. 

Any questions about this process contact Large Document Solutions.  They have capable technicians who can help you through this process.  They can be contacted via email at or by phone (866) 338-4464.

Introducing the ROWE 850i Large Format Scanner

ROWE 850i Large Format Scanner

By Large Documents - August 9, 2017

Looking for a state of the art large format scanner?  Large Document Solutions is introducing the ROWE 850i large format scanner.  This scanner uses the newest scanning technology to produce crisp detailed scans.  Scanning widths include a 55” and 60”.  Thick media, no problem.  The 850i-T model can scan up to a 1.18 inch document. The electrically driven ROWE height adjustment works automatically with a push of a button.  How does it do that?  Sensors determine the exact thickness of the original, the lid positions itself automatically at the correct height for a perfect safe scan of the original. 
This scanner is customizable.  Choose your scanner width, the media thickness option, color or express color, and 4 versions of scanning software.

This product will be released, September 2017.  Initial demand is high, get yours before they are all gone.  Need more information?  Contact Large Document Solutions at or give us a call at (866) 338-4464.

Image Access Preventative Maintenance Procedures - You can do it, we can help

Protecting your large format scanner investment

By Large Documents - August 2, 2017

Image Access Preventative Maintenance Procedures
Preventative maintenance of your large format scanner is very important.  Protecting your investment is smart business.  Most scanners can be serviced by the customer with a little help. Take for example, the scanners made by Image Access.  These scanners are very well made.  For starters, the entire case is made with a metal shell. Other scanners in the industry have a plastic outer shell.  The scan heads are sealed guaranteeing a no maintenance product.  The following is a list defining what is done during a preventative maintenance visit:
  1. Upgrade service pack & firmware.
  2. Clean soft rollers with a cotton cloth with water only.
  3. Clean glass with 90% Isopropyl alcohol and a clean cotton or microfiber cloth.
  4. Run the White Balance calibration.
  5. Run stitching calibration if needed.
  6. Clean case.
With a little help via over the phone or via a web meeting all these items can be accomplished by the customer. 
If you own an Image Access, Colortrac, Contex, or Graphtec scanner, give us a call we can walk you through the maintenance of your large format scanner.