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How to perform a system recovery on an Image Access Scanner

Copying the backup partition

By Large Documents - May 21, 2021

Steps to perform a recovery on an Image Access scanner.  The recovery method should only be used after all other methods have been complete.  The recovery method will over-write the production disk partition of the scanner with a backup that was created at the factory.  All customizations will be lost using this process.  Large Document Solutions is very familiar with this process and can assist in the implementation of this procedure.  Click this link to see a 43 second video on this procedure.

How to do a correct stitching on a WT36cl large format scanner

Stitching a WT36cl scanner

By Large Documents - February 26, 2021

When is it time to correct the stitching of an Image Access scanner?  The simple answer is when there are breaks in the scanned image.  Lines in the scanned document are broken. That is the time.  

The process takes just a couple minutes.  Follow this link to guide you thru the process.  If there are more questions, contact Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464 and we will be glad to assist.

How to do a White Balance Calibration on a WT36cl large format scanner

Calibrating a WT36cl scanner

By Large Documents - February 26, 2021

When is it time to calibrate/What balance an Image Access scanner?  The simple answer is when the scan quality starts to deteriorate from what it was before.  When white is not white, colors are not exactly what they were, when crop and deskew is not cropping correctly.  That is the time.  

Another question that is asked is can we put the White Balance process on a schedule?  Perform this activity once a month or once a week?  Sure!  This keeps the scanner in excellent running condition.

The process takes just a couple minutes.  Follow this link to guide you thru the process.  If there are more questions, contact Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464 and we will be glad to assist.

Colortrac SGi Large Format Color Scanner with CCD Technology

An excellent choice for graphical users and well and architectural firms

By Large Documents - February 7, 2021

Large Document Solutions and Colortrac are introducing the SmartLF SGi  series 36″ and 44″ series of scanners. These scanners are perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical drawings and maps as well as high resolution graphics.  The newest Colortrac scanner roll fed series.
SmartLF SGi series large format scanners provide all the detail of CCD technology.  Superior color imaging – the ability to scan a large range of colors and the ability to see detail in dark and light areas.  Don’t forget the 1200 dpi optical resolution, the highest optical resolution available in any CCD wide format scanner in industry. Speaking CCD technology, the SmartLF SGi has six CCDs across the scan width to minimize geometric distortion, more than any other similarly sized scanner.  Other CCD scanners are prone to stitch and accuracy issues caused by sensor misalignment. These are minimized in the SmartLF SGi by housing the six CCDs within a rigid camera chassis.

SmartLF SGi is the first scanner from Colortrac to have 2GB of onboard scan data memory. This ensures even the largest scans, a smooth progress of the transfer of document data to the computer.

The SmartLF SGi SureDrive  paper transport system applies the minimum force necessary for preserving delicate originals, while achieving the required traction and accuracy to ensure images are sharp and shadow free.

The SGi series thick media system is improved.  The Colortrac Gx+T series was great with thick media. This newer model has made significant improvements with thick media and more precise.  To raise the lid and increase the thickness capability of the scanner raise the lever on the left-hand side of the scanner lid to its maximum position then load the document manually.   Lower the lever to grip the media and begin scanning.  All media must be loaded panel-side justified with SGi.

With the new model comes a new imaging software.  The new SmartWorks Imaging is a very nice enhancement from Smartworks Pro.  Optimized all the way through, SmartWorks Imaging is clearer and easier to navigate than SmartWorks Pro. With a faster performance, revised preset control, better printer drivers and a new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature, SmartWorks Imaging is the perfect productivity partner for SmartLF SCi and SmartLF SGi large format scanners.

Large Document Solutions is very excited about this new Colortrac SGi series scanner.  To sum up:
• Perfect for any type of document
• Realistic color and excellent size accuracy
• Accepts thick media up to 15 mm
• Designed for high volume
• Low maintenance
• Choose between 36' and 44'

For more information and to speak to one of our product specialists, Contact Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464 or email we will be glad to assist you in your Large Document  Solution!


Colortrac Announces Smartworks Imaging Scanning Software

An upgrade to Smartworks Pro

By Large Documents - January 12, 2021

New for 2021 Colortrac has announced an updated version of the highly successful SmartLF SC Xpress scanner.  Now called the Smartlf SCi series of scanners.  Same price but loaded with the latest portable/cloud features, perfect for everyday scanning tasks. This scanner comes in two sizes, a 36” and 42” scanner.  Just like it’s older counter-part.  The SmartLF SCi series scanners give you very fast, high quality scanning in a great new package. New with this version is the LINK scanning option.  Scanning using a mobile device to control the scanner. 

In the past to control the scanner the scanner user needed a Microsoft Windows operating system or buttons on the scanner to control the scanner. 
The perfect choice for scanning or copying wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents.   Colortrac SmartLF SCi series scanners feature one-piece scanning sensors spanning the full scan width of the device. Only from Colortrac, the appropriately named SingleSensor combines sensors and illumination in a single scan line for unbeatable ‘all-over’ scan accuracy and best-possible document illumination. Simple and reliable, SCi series scanners deliver high-quality scanning at an affordable cost.

Also introduced with this scanner is a new optional scanning package.  This package is an upgrade to Scanning Master Pro called Smartworks Imaging.  Easier to use which includes easier multipage scanning, post scanning options and generally a more intuitive interface.


Colortrac SmartWork Imaging Scanning Software

Enhancement to SmartWorks Pro

By Large Documents - January 1, 2021

Colortrac has enhanced the Smartworks Pro imaging software by introducing SmartWorks Imaging.
The Smartworks Imaging interface is very user friendly and easier to navigate.  Features of this new and improved package are faster with updated and more powerful preset controls.  Printer drivers have been expanded and improved.  Best of all, new multi-page thumbnail pop-out feature makes SmartWorks Imaging an even more powerful scanning tool.  Specifically made for the Colortrac SmartLF  SC, SCi and SG family of scanners.
Here’s what’s new:
  1. Similar to SmartWorks Pro, initial scanning parameters at your fingertips.
  2. Large fast-fix icons for quick and easy selection of basic editing functions. Used to fix orientation, removal of unwanted edge information, and correct reversed images.
  3. To the right of the scan there is a monitoring area when scanning in multi-page and during copying.  Very handy!
  4. The current scan can be enhanced in the adjustments panel using tools like sharpen, black and white point, and many others.  Changes can be applied once, carried forward to the next scan, or even saved as a new preset.
    Unsaved changes can be rolled back using the history drop-down or by using the presets.
  5. Navigate easily around in your image. Zoom in and out and back to full image view in a second.

Pros & Cons:
  1. No more dongle to keep track of.  SmartWorks Imaging utilizes a product license key.
  2. Much easier printer output selection.  Fully Windows compatible.
  3. Presets at your fingertips  and easy to create, retrieve, and update.
  4. Limitations of this software is the lack of online or detailed documentation.

Using Scanning Master 21+ with newer Graphtec Scanners

Tips and Tricks!

By Large Documents - November 11, 2020

For those of you who really like the interface and are familiar with Scanning Master 21+ and do not want to migrate to Scanning Master Pro Color but need to upgrade your IS2xx scanner to a CSX5xx there is good news.

When using the legacy Scanning Master 21+ software on a newer scanner like a Graphtec CSX500 there the newer scanner configuration models are not available.  The solution to this dilemma is to launch the software using one of the command line tags.

For example start scanning master for a CS500-11eN-PRO looks like:
C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsScanning Master 21+Scanning Master 21+ -tCS500-11eN-PRO  (the underlined section of the command line is what needs to be added to the regular launch.  Note that the beginning "t" must be lower case)

This is all documented in the help screens within the Scanning Master Pro & 21+ software(s).

That is all that needs to be done.  Happy scanning! 

Other questions and if you need further assistance with your Graphtec or other scanner manufactures which include: Image Access, Contex, Colortrac, SMA, and even ROW give us a call (866) 338-4464 or email

Bookeye 5 new and improved features

Changes from the BE4 -> BE5 Scanner

By Large Documents - October 6, 2020

The power button “2” is now located on the side of the scanner.  System power is located on the back of the scanner “1”.

When the scanner is first turned on, a “Setup Wizard” screen is displayed.  This is a new feature with the Bookeye 5 Scanner.  This screen features all the most common setup options for a new scanner.  In this screen there are two boxes that would need attention, “Installed Options” and “WLAN”.

Enter the IP address, subnet mask, & Default gateway on first boot up.

In previous versions of the scanner.  The activation codes are installed at the factory or manually keyed into the scanner.  With the Bookeye 5 series, a QR code is provided.  After the scanner has been configured with an IP address for the location, the scanner can scan the QR code provided.  The codes will automatically be downloaded to the scanner.  No code typing is needed.

In previous versions of the Bookeye scanner a packet of calibration targets were provided in a clear plastic bag.  These were unmarked.  With the new Bookeye 5 scanner there is a tray under the scanner used to hold these documents.  The advantage is that they are kept with the scanner is a convenient location.  They do not get lost!

The Bookeye 4 version and older models use a recovery key to restore the usable drive partition if a major problem arises.  The Bookeye 5 series no recovery key is needed.  A RED button has been installed in place of the separate key.  Just push the RED button on the back of the scanner at the same time pushing to power button on the side.  The advantage having the reset function built into the scanner is that the key never gets lost!

NOTE: this function should only be used in concert with technical support from trained scanner technicians at Large Document Solutions.

Another new fetcher of the Bookeye 5.  There are up to two backup copies of the Scan2Net Linux operating system stored on the internal solid state internal hard drive. The first one is generated at the factory. This is the restore point “Factory Settings”. The second one can be generated by the user at any time. This is the restore point “User Settings”.

For more information about this and other scanners give us a call @ (866) 338-4464 we are glad to help!


Security Features of the Scan2Net software by Image Access

Image Access is the most secure scanner on the market

By Large Documents - October 6, 2020

Image Access scanners connect directly to your local area network.  These scanner run a Linux operating system.  Government, military, and other secure facilities are concerned with hacking into network devices and data integrity.  Some of the most common questions asked by our customers’ are:
  1. Can the Image Access scanner be infected with a virus?
  2. Can a hacker enter the scanner and install malicious code?
  3. Can someone gain access to previously scanned documents?
The answer to this question is NO!  These scanners are very secure.  Never say never but it is extremely difficult to hack into one of our scanners.  Follow this link to see an Image Access developed video on why these scanners are so secure.
For more information about this topic and what our scanner can do, contact us at Large Document Solutions on the web at or give us a call at (866) 338-4464


National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Money Available

Grant Money Available for Scanning & Archiving

By Large Documents - May 7, 2020

Attention nonprofit corporations!  Large Document Solutions has been notified as to the availability of federal monies by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).  They are accepting applications for the NEH CARES: Cultural Organizations program. The purpose of this emergency relief program is to assist institutions and organizations working in the humanities that have been affected by the coronavirus.

Eligible applicants include U.S. nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, public and 501(c)(3) accredited institutions of higher education, state and local governmental agencies, and federally recognized Native American tribal governments.

Application due date is May 11, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

There will be at least 300 grants dispersed for a total of $25 million dollars.  Details of this grant can be obtained by downloading the NEH Notice document

The deadline for this grant is very short.  Contact Large Document Solutions for in-depth assistance in selecting scanners, multifunction system, printers, stackers, folders, and display equipment eligible for this grant.  Call (866) 338-4464 or email at