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Image Access Book Scanner Bed Configurations and Their Meanings

By Large Documents - August 18, 2022

Image Access Book Scanner Bed Configurations and Their Meanings
Image Access Book Scanners can be adjusted to 6 different scanner bed modes.  The information below details each mode.

Auto Mode

In Auto Mode, the scanner attempts to recognize the position of the cradles in V-mode or in flat mode.

Flat Mode
In Flat Mode, both cradles are down, a single document lies flat on the scanning bed.

In V-Mode, both cradles are up so that the book lies in the natural reading position in the cradle. This position is very gentle for most old books.

Book Mode
In Book Mode, the cradles are either down or up, but the source material on the scanning bed is handled as n open book and the book fold will be flattened. The source document should be placed as near to the center as possible.

Folder Mode
In Folder Mode, the cradles are both down and a file folder lies on the scanning bed for scanning individual documents in the file folder. The folder should be centered on the surface. The red laser light should be positioned so that it is not directly on any of the folder´s metal rings, so that the height is recognized correctly. If the folder has a light background, please put black cardboard on the folder, under the source document.

Glass Plate Mode
For optimal scan results, Glass Plate Mode should be selected whenever a glass plate is used.  This is found in Bookeye V1 scanners.

ScanWizard Help File

Image Access

By Large Documents - July 15, 2022

ScanWizard Help File
Image Access ScanWizard documentation can be downloaded by clicking this link

Don't forget, we are always available to assist via phone or email. 

Give us a call (866) 338-4464 or  We are a consultitive company that sells large format scanners, printers, and folding devices.


Restoring an Image Access Scanner

to Factory Settings

By Large Documents - July 13, 2022

Restoring an Image Access Scanner
Image Access scanners are actually a Lenux computer with scanner capability.  The scanner has a large hard drive partitioned into to partitions.  One is the active or production partition and the other the backup.  In the event that the working partition get corrupt there is a method to restore the scanner to its original state.  Follow this link to start the process.  Please note, this should only be used as a last resort. 

1) All installed options will be deleted and will need to be installed.
2) All firmware and service pack updates will need to be reinstalled.
3) Templates and customer parameters will need to be rebuilt.


Document Carrier Sheets

Protecting Your Investment

By Large Documents - June 29, 2022

Document Carrier Sheets
Document carrier sheets are going to get scratched over time.  One thing that can extend the life of a carrier sheet is to apply a product called Rain-X.  Normally this is done to protect glass from wear and tear but it helps to allow the document carrier to last longer.  

There is a new formula of Rain-X that is designed to be used with plastic.  Follow this link for more information.  

If you are not familiar with carrier sheets, they are used to protect delicate documents that are scanned via a roll feed scanner.  There is a short video to help understand what they are used for and how to use them.  They come in many different sizes, this link will forward you to our carrier sheet page.

As always, if you have further questions about carrier sheets or scanners in general, give us a call (866) 338-4464 we will be glad to assist.

BSW - Foot Pedal

Foot Pedal Usage

By Large Documents - June 14, 2022

Batch Scan Wizard (BSW) is a very flexible tool for any application that require large batches of scans. 

This app is an application that runs on a windows computer.  It is flexible in that the app can be started at the window's workstation but control of the scans are done at the scanner.

Create a scanning job in BSW then select "Wait" on Scan Modes and "Batch Scan". 

From there control of the scanner is done via the foot pedal at the scanner.  When the scanning is complete, press the cancel scan and complete any post scan activities.

For a demonstration of this feature, contact Large Document Solutions at (866) 338-4464.

Image Access Book Scanners

Tips and Tricks using the Finger Removal Tool

By Large Documents - April 8, 2022

Image Access Book Scanners
When scanning Books there are times when the scanner user is required to hold the book open to get the best possible scan.  Sometimes it is required to use fingers to hold the book open.  Image Access scanners have the technology to remove these fingers.  This information is located in the Image Access Book Scanner Operation manual pages 45-54.  Follow this link to display the section of this manual that gives tips and tricks on using the finger tool:Finger Removal Tips & Tricks.

For more information give us a call at (866) 338-4464 or


WT24F Configuring Scanner for IP Addressing

Connecting scanner to LAN

By Large Documents - March 9, 2022

WT24F Configuring Scanner for IP Addressing
If you are configuring a WT24F flatbed scanner to your local area network you might need some hacks on how to manuvar thru the setup:
  1.  Logging in to the Poweruser user.  The keyboard gets in the way of the enter key and entering default gateway see picks below:

Use the keyboard icon to see the enter key.
  1. IP addressing.  Same issue, the default gateway is hidden until the keyboard is closed.

If you are still having issues getting the IP addressing configured on your Image Access WT24F scanner.  We are here to help.  give us a call (866) 338-4464 or shoot us an email at

Size limits for JPG or JPEG files

By Large Documents - January 25, 2022

Size limits for JPG or JPEG files

The physical image size limit for .jpeg compression is 65,535 pixels, this applies to any file format that uses >jpeg compression.

If you need to capture an image that is too large to work with .jpeg you can instead use .tiff with deflate or G4 compression.


2 UCC Boards / Power Supply (19V!) or Internal USB 3.0 failed

Starting Image Access Large Format Scanners - Receive UCC Error

By Large Documents - January 19, 2022

2 UCC Boards / Power Supply (19V!) or Internal USB 3.0 failed

When starting your Image Access wide format scanner and this error: "2 UCC Boards / Power Supply (19V!) or Internal USB 3.0 failed" occures is usually caused when the scanner is turned off improperly triggering the ESD Protection to activate and as a result it is cutting power to the controller in order to protect it from damage.

In most cases, It is a simple fix.  Follow the steps below:

  • Shut down the scanner from the software. (Press the on/off button in the front of the scanner.  Wait for the scanner to shut down normally).
  • Turn off the main rear power switch next to the power supply .
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Flip the power switch to the on position.
  • Wait 15 seconds.
  • Press the power button to turn on the scanner.
This solves 99% of these issues.  If you have further questions, contact Large Document Solutions at or give us a call at (866) 338-4464.

New version of Smartworks TOUCH V1.5

Changes to Smartworks TOUCH

By Large Documents - January 19, 2022

New version of Smartworks TOUCH V1.5

Changes for SmartWorks TOUCH v1.5

  • Change Email to use TOUCH internal e-mail rather than (MAPI - outlook)
  • Fix PDF/A error in compression
  • Fix for GUI error in Japanese and Chinese

Products affected: TOUCH :  SCXpress, SCi, SG & SGI     Reminder: TOUCH software is for USB connectivity only. Download TOUCH V1.5 and Release Notes

Any questions of this new release or any Colortrac large format scanner.  Contact Large Document Solutions  or (866) 338-4464.