Large Document Solutions purchased the last remaining CS500 scanner from Graphtec.  These are wonderful scanners.  We use this manufacturer in our scanner rental pool.  These scanners ship well, easy to maintain, install easy, and easy to use.  What a combination!

The Graphtec CS 500 are a workhorse machine.  This scanner scans monochrome documents at a maximum speed of 9″/sec. and full-color documents at 3″/sec. when the resolution is set at 400 dpi across a 25 ” wide image. Many competitive models claim to have similar scanning speeds, but actually base their specifications on a standard letter size document of only 8.5″ across. In addition, Graphtec is the first company to introduce Contact Array Sensor technology for accurate, high-resolution scanning. Requiring no warm-up time, this advanced technology eliminates optical distortion and the need for frequent calibration often experienced with common CCD technology.

Interpolated resolution can be selected from 50 dpi through 800 dpi for the standard models, in 1-dpi increments to suit the complexity of the drawing and the scanning application. Maximum interpolations settings range up to 9600dpi for the Pro models. All models feature an Express mode for high-speed transfer of large quantities of data, delivering unparalleled productivity in massive document archiving applications.

All this information is available on our website.  Give us a call, we will be happy to provide more information and a very affordable price.  Don’t wait, call today (866) 338-4464 or email at