Image Pro Gx 42e Scanner

The ImagePro Gx 42e scanner is the perfect solution for large-format scanning and copying of limited color applications. This high-quality scanner provides a 42” image width that is ideal for photographs, satellite images, artwork, graphic designs, maps, engineering drawings, blueprints, site plans, architectural drawings, and much more.

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The ImagePro Gx 42e has a resolution of 100 to 9600dpi and an optical resolution of 1200dpi. At 6 inches per second for monochrome and 3 inches per second for color, the ImagePro Gx 42e scanner also features extremely fast scanning speeds. And with 24-bit RGB color, you are sure to make quality-looking scans.

Most importantly, the ImagePro Gx 42e scanner design uses the latest CCD imaging technology with a system that includes five ultra-compact digital CCD camera units (DCUs) to ensure sharp, clean images with every scan.

The ImagePro Gx 42e model also has Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Print, Scan-to-Email, and Scan-to-PDF capabilities. Also, this scanner has instantaneous scanning from Power On, which means no warm-up and no waiting! Clearly the ImagePro Gx 42e provides quality, high-speed scanning for wide-format images. And this scanner can be purchased for an unbeatably low price at

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