Image Access WideTEK 60CL Scanner a great addition to the CL family

Introduced in late 2018, Large Document Solutions and Image Access would like to introduce the WideTEK 60CL roll feed scanner.  A compliment to its little brothers the WideTEK 36CL (36”) and WideTEK48CL (48”).  The fastest scanner in it’s class, quality images at 8 inches per second at 150 dpi in 24bit color.  At 60 inches and 600 dpi resolution, the scanner will scan 1 inch per second. If scanning in monochrome or greyscale, the scanning speeds are tripled.  A major enhancement is scanning thickness.  The WideTEK 60CL is capable of scanning up to .47 inch documents.  That is almost ½ inch!  Other features are the new monitor arm and more convenient on/off buttons and USB 3.0 output port.

Like all Image Access scanners document rotation is done on the fly.  No need to rescan.  A scan of an E-sized / A0 (36”x48”) document in landscape at 300 dpi in 24bit color can be completed in less than 7 seconds and less than 2 seconds to crop & deskew, preview, cleanup, compress and store on your network store.

This and other scanners can be found at or just give us a call at (866) 338-4464 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.