Important maintenance is required for you Large Format WideTek 25 Scanner

I work for a print company and a number of years ago (around 2015) we purchased a WideTek 25.  We did not purchase it from Large Document Solutions. We have used the scanner for 4 years and have loved the quality etc. We started to develop some streaks through the scanned image and could not solve the quality problem.  We tried to contact the company we purchased it from for support and got no where.  I searched online for a company that sold the WideTek 25 and found Large Document Solutions.  On their website the said they will provide support even if the product was not purchased from them. I sent them an email explaining our problem and within a couple of hours I received a phone call from them.  I talked to Mike Korn and he gave me a couple of things to try and then asked me about firmware updates to the system. I told him I did not think we had ever done any firmware updates and because of scheduling we made arrangements to get in touch the next day.  I called him back and he spent 1.5 hours on the phone with me walking me through a bunch of updates to the scanner. After all the updates were done he helped me get it recalibrated and it is working great.  He then spent some time explaining some new features that were available because of the firmware updates.  

I am extremely satasified whith the help and support I recieved from them even though we did not purchase the scanner from them in the first place.

Larin Lind
Watkins Printing
December 2019