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 Image Access Bookeye 5 V2


Image Access Bookeye

In its fifth generation, the Bookeye® 5 V2 offers maximum efficiency throughout the entire scanning process. Completely revised and updated to adapt to technological and environmental standards, Bookeye® 5 V2 features a high resolution, low noise CCD scanner camera and an additional matrix camera for live previews.   The Bookeye® 5 V2 is available in three models:

BASIC: This entry level model offers the same scanning functionality and speed as the other levels at the lowest possible cost. Upgrades to the other models are options.

KIOSK: This model includes all of the features of the Basic model plus the Scan2Pad® application for scanning and operation with any mobile device through the WiFi hotspot.

PROFESSIONAL: Now your talking, this model includes all of the features of the Basic model, but has a higher resolution of 600 dpi and client interface for 3rd party software to meet the highest quality standards.

The unique book cradles allows users to digitize books and documents by either laying them flat on the scanning bed at 180°or in the V-cradle, at an angle of 120° for gentle, protective handling of the source material. The two sides of the cradle are magnetically coupled so that the book fold can be moved easily in the center for optimal scan results.

Key Features

  • Large 21” multi-touch screen for operation and preview can be mounted to scanner in three different locations.
  • Optional 2nd screen supported for preview.
  • Dark mode operation – enhances scan quality through less light reflection and improves operation by reducing eye strain.
  • Live Preview –See the document position in live video for correct positioning before scanning.
  • Most versatile book cradles, 120°, 180°, shift apart for book bound, shift left and right for optimum position of book.
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipage PDF and TIFF, DICOM and many more.
  • Digital color balance, wide color gamut, supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native RGB.
  • FADGI, Metamorfoze Light, ISO 19264-1 compliant.
  • Multilingual operation – more than 20 languages available.
  • ScanWizard runs on internal touch or on external device through any browser via network.
  • Remote maintenance, troubleshooting and firmware updates.



  • Bookeye 5 V2 - 18"x24" Max Scan Area 
  • Bookeye 5 V3 - 15.3"x18.9" Max Scan Area

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