HP 800 Plotters

One of the wonderful aspects of HP 800 plotters is the "virtual computer" contained inside their system. When you combine this with their network-ready configuration, what you get is a plotter with a rare and enviable achievement: it is able to conduct all the file processing on its own, thereby leaving your computer completely free to execute other tasks. That's one of the great appeals of HP 800 plotters--they are in effect two machines in one.

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Consider just a few more of its many superior features, and you'll quickly agree that the HP 800 is a monument to brilliant design. It gets straight A's in precision, image resolution, and output capacity, making it the first choice of many experienced professionals in the engineering, architecture, and GIS fields. Beginning with precision, HP 800 plotters render lines and text of crisp, clear quality. When it comes to resolution, you'll be hard-pressed to find similarly priced plotters that can beat 2400 x 1200 DPI.

Output capacity certainly doesn't diminish HP 800 plotters' image, since it is a applause-worthy printing rate of 36 square feet per hour. Throw in a premium-grade "brain" with 96MB memory and 6GB hard drive, and you have a powerful plotter able to meet, and exceed, all your expectations. To find these coveted machines at the lowest possible cost, look no further than www.largedocuments.com, a site professionals have come to trust.

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