HP 1055CM Plotter

HP 1055CM plotters represent the leading edge of Hewlett Packard plotter design. They are three color plotters that make a perfect fit for engineers, architects, GIS users, and pretty much any general office user who appreciates efficient and high-quality image printing. You can find these revolutionary models at www.largedocuments.com, the online supply site that's all the buzz these days among people who are in-the-know.

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Of the things that sets HP 1055CM plotters apart from other plotters in the industry is their massive storage capacity. HP 1055CM plotters incorporate 7.5GB Hard Drives, allowing you to place files on the plotter itself, instead of on a computer. That means the next time you want to call up that file at the last minute, and the computer isn't hooked up . . . no sweat, the HP 1055CM gets the job done all by itself.

What other advanced features do you enjoy when you choose HP1055CM plotters? How about an optimal resolution of 1200 DPI? Or how about 3D drawings at a scanning speed of up to 140 square feet per hour? Enabled for AutoCAD and Adobe PostScript 3, this is the wide format plotter of choice for experts in a variety of fields.

The best way to get more information about these and other cutting-edge plotters at www.largedocuments.com is to go straight to the primary source. The experts running the Internet's premier plotter supply site can be reached for questions and concerns, and always provide prompt responses. Call them toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or send an email to info@largedocuments.com.