Shipping large format scanners, plotters and copiers take coordination from many parties to ensure smooth delivery. One area of shipping that takes a considerable more amount of attention is international shipping and shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Because we conduct business throughout North America, we frequently get inquiries and large format scanner orders from customers in Canada. We also have clients who represent buyers outside of North America. Shipping for these clients becomes more involved.

Here is how we handle international shipping:

  1. All prices are quoted in US dollars.

  2. All duties, customs fees, customs brokerage fees and taxes are paid by the customer.

  3. Standard shipping fees may not apply and additional fees may be added.

  4. If your large format scanner or plotter is going to a location outside of North America, we will ship your items to freight forwarder in the contiguous 48 United States. You will responsible for shipping the items from there.

  5. Some countries have regulations on importing large format scanners and large format plotters. You are responsible for knowing the regulations and restrictions.

  6. Payment upfront is required and we only accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

We recommend that customers planning to ship large format scanners, large format plotters or large format copiers overseas get a couple of different quotes from shipping companies. We also recommend that you research customs brokers and their fees before your purchase.

If you have any questions or would like more information on large format scanners, large format plotters, large format copiers, paper stackers or paper folders, please contact us at (866) 338-4464. We are happy to answer any additional questions.