Using Scanning Master 21+ to make your scans better than new

Have you ever needed to scan an original but the original is in such bad shape it makes the copy look bad.  Technology has really come a long way.  Most large format scanners have the capability to modify a copy to look better than the original.  Image Access, Colortrac, Contex, and Graphtec scanners are capable to providing this feature.  Graphtec scanners have had this feature since early 2010.

This article is about how to accomplish this with Graphtec scanners and specifically Scanning Master 21+ version 6.80.  This application uses a feature called “Rocker Mode” to continually scan a portion of a document and dynamically adjust the parameters to get the best scan possible.  Before this feature was implemented, the scanner user would have to scan a document, check it, scan it again with a parameter change and check it again.  Loading and re-loading the fragile original a number of times.  With Rocker Mode, once is enough.  Large Document Solutions has created a short 6 minute video on how to use Scanning Master 21+ to dynamically adjust the software for the best possible scan.  It can be found in the Resources tab on our website (  Scroll down to “Graphtec Scanners” and find the link that says: “How to use Rocker Mode”.  This will launch the video.  Or just click this link.  As always, if you have any questions about this video, large format scanners and plotters, give us a call (866) 338-4464.