How to Correct Stitching Issues with Image Access WideTek Scanners

Stitching problems with Image Access WT36, 44, 48 scanners can be attributed to an incorrect scanning configuration.  For most scanning (99%), it is recommended that you configure your scanning jobs either with Scan2Net or BSW to scan “Adaptive 2D”.

There are three modes of Scanning

  1. Fixed – Stitch is fixed at the Glass plate if the Paper move away from the Glass as it scans you will see the Stitch (as in the Case of your image that you sent)
  2. Off – The Scanner does not do any Stitching (only on Flatbed and Art Scanner)
  3. 2D adaptive Stitch – The Scanner will do all the Stitching for you. 99% of the Scanning should be done with 2D adaptive Stitching

It is easy to check a scanned image for parameters.  A TIF file format works the best.  Using either Microsoft Wordpad or Notepad to open the scanned file.  In the header of the file lists how the scanned image was created.  See the sample below.  Notice the parameter “stitchadaptive=off”.  This file was not scanned with “adaptive 2D”.

stitch_x=-10.3, -9.9, -7.2,
stitch_y=-0.6, -1.1, -1.2,

Here is how to adjust to adaptive 2d In Batch Scan Wizard (BSW).  Another method is to user Scan2Net and set the parameter, then open the “default” template in BSW and the configuration will be already set.

For more information to configuring this scanning feature or other questions about  Image Access, Colotrac, Contex or Graphtec scanners give us a call at (866) 338-4464.  Mention you read about this on Large Document Solutions “News” page.