Image Access Scanners – SMB Saving

Prerequisite:  Firmware version 6.50c.
The steps include:
1.    Connect to your scanner via a web browser and launch the Scan2NET Application.
2.    Login as Poweruser.
3.    Migrate to the Scan2NET Power User and select in the “Base Settings” group, then “Templates”
4.    Select the “SMB Share button.
5.    Locate the SMB Configuration “Connect 1” and click “Duplicate”
6.    Locate the “Copy of Connection 1” and rename.  Change the Visibility to “Enable”.  
7.    Change the “Server Authentication” from NO to YES.
8.    Enter the workstation Windows signon credentials, userid & password.
9.    Open up Windows Explorer and migrate to the folder in which to save your scans.
       Remember we are configuring this setup as a netowrk SMB configuration.  Start at the “Network” icon in Windows
       Explorer then drill down:

10.  Click to the right of the folder tree.  This converts the format to the proper command line format.

11.  Copy this command line address into the “SMB Path” box in Scn2NET

12.  Test by pressing the “Configuration Test” button.  If all goes well, your ready to scan.

A short video on this process can be found at: