Shipping Mishaps

So, you’ve made the excellent choice to order a large format scanner from Large Document Solutions—what happens next? 

One detail that sometimes gets overlooked is shipping specifics.  Most of the freight companies have certain regulations they use when shipping products.  In order to avoid any delays or unexpected charges, be sure to let us know of any special details that might be involved. 

Some things to consider:
Does your business have special hours?  Freight companies will sometimes charge an extra fee if they attempt a delivery and no one is available to receive the shipment.  If you let us know ahead of time, we can specify any special hours.

Do you have the strength to receive your order?  This may seem funny, but many of our models are quite heavy and you may need to have help maneuvering them around once they arrive.  For a small additional fee, we can request an extra driver to assist.  We can also ask for “Inside Delivery”, where the delivery driver can actually come into your business and assist with placement.  Another option for a minimal fee is a lift gate, just in case your business does not have a loading dock.

Knowing about these options are available can be very beneficial to the delivery process.  Now that you have placed your order, feel free to let us know any special details that might help with making the procedure as quick and easy as possible.