High Volume Scanners

High volume scanners do not have to come at a high price, if you know where to look. The Internet's real treasure trove of high volume scanners is hidden no longer; at www.largeformatscanners.com, you can find fast, reliable, and versatile scanners of all types, and at competitive prices. You can also find a variety of software that can be used to upgrade your drivers and augment your scanner.

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Consider for a moment some examples of the highly coveted scanners available today at this popular, user-friendly supply site. Take, for instance, the Colortrac SC Xpress 36" color scanner. This lean, mean scanning machine can scan up to 6 inches per second at either 200 DPI. With a processing speed that flows like mercury, the Colortrac SC Xpress series scanners certainly qualifies as a leader among high volume scanners.

Another exciting choice to be found at this site is the Image Access WideTEK 36 and 36c scanners. The 36 version is a CCD scanner capable of scanning up to 12.4 inches per second in grayscale and 8.3 inches per second in 24-bit RGB 300 DPI. The 36c version is a CIS scanner capable of scanning up to 10 inches per second in 24-bit RGB 300 DPI Color.  Its output capacity makes it a real darling for engineers, architects, and other graphing professionals.

The best high volume scanners don't have to sacrifice high resolution and accuracy for their scanning speed. At www.largedocuments.com, none of their popular products have to make any such tradeoffs. To learn more about what they have to offer, contact them directly by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to info@largedocuments.com. Get your work done faster, better, and with less hassle.