The Graphtec CSX530-09 36” scanner is a great value.  This scanner is light weight but rugged.  Large Document Solutions uses Graphtec scanners in their rental pool.  An informal interview with their senior tech support person states that “These scanners ship well, the software is easy to install and use, and the scanning results are very good”.  Scanners in their rental pool have scanned over 20,000 each and still going strong.  The new Graphtec CSX530 have extended features improving the product even more.

Some of the scanning features include:

  1.  Face up scanning for ease-of-use.
  2. 1 year onsite warranty from anywhere in the continental USA.
  3. Windows 10 compatiblity.
  4. Stand and catch basket.
  5. Two carrier sheets for your fragile documents.
  6. Software includes Scanning Master Pro Color and Scanning ARTS 2.  Both are easy to use and stable in our fluid operating system environments.
  7. Document guides for easy paper handling.

Easy to setup, Easy to use, the Graphtec CSX530 scanner is a must for any architectural, business, or service bureaus.

Large Document Solutions has a special going on until March 31st 2016 on their Graphtec scanners.  Call us for complete details. (866) 338-4464.