Graphtec IS200 Pro-LC Scanner

The Graphtec IS200 series is the perfect solution for large-format scanning and copying. The Graphtec IS200 Pro LC is the first-rate scanner of the series and the only one that has color capabilities. With 256 colors, the Graphtec IS200 Pro LC scans images up to 42 inches wide and features the world’s fastest scanning speeds at 9 inches per second in black and white and 3 inches per second in color. The Graphtec IS200 Pro LC scanner also features unbeatable accuracy. With 0.1% scanning accuracy, the Graphtec IS200 Pro LC is sure to create quality scans for any application.

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The Graphtec IS200 Pro LC scanner provides a cost-effective solution for CAD, AEC, and other engineering and document management applications by allowing users to integrate a large-format copying system when they combine the scanner with a large-format printer. And the Standard Scanning Master 21 + Driver Software means that you can Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Print, Scan-to-Email, or Scan-to-PDF. In other words, the Graphtec IS200 Pro LC does it all, and you can find this scanner for an unbeatably low price at

Other features of the Graphtec IS200 Pro LC include Contact Image Sensor method for quick start-up, minimal maintenance, USB2.0 and Ethernet plug ‘n’ play connectivity, and a 3-Year onsite warranty. Even more, you have the ability to upgrade models from a Graphtec IS200 to an IS200 Pro, an IS200 Pro LC, and more!

If you are interested in learning more about the Graphtec IS200 Pro LC, or about any of the other cutting-edge products available at, take your questions directly to the personable staff behind the site. You can reach them by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to A world of high-quality, high speed printing awaits you.