How to fix a Graphtec Scanner that continually runs in reverse

Graphtec scanners especially the IS and CS models are very good scanners that are durable, travel well, and are easy to use.  Large Document Solutions uses them in our rental pool with excellent results. 

There are times when debris gets caught in the paper detection sensors.  If the debris is logged in the back sensor, the scanner will think it needs to eject the paper and the effect is the scanner will run in reverse continually until the debris is removed.  Here is a picture of the back sensor on an IS210 scanner:

Here is what the scanner is thinking, because of the scanner thinks there is paper in the back sensor (A) of the scanner but the front sensor (B) has no paper.  The only logical action for the scanner to do is move the paper in reverse until the front sensor detects the paper and the back sensor does not.  The scanner is trying to position the paper in the “Start scanning position” or “Load position”.

The solution to fixing this problem is to clean the back sensor with compressed air or a Q-Tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol.  After this is completed.  It is standard procedure at Large Document Solutions to clean the rollers, glass, and finally do a calibration using the Graphtec Utility application. 

Any questions about this process contact Large Document Solutions.  They have capable technicians who can help you through this process.  They can be contacted via email at or by phone (866) 338-4464.