Graphtec, Colortrac, Image Access Scanners Compatible with Windows 10

The Graphtec CI and CX model scanners were a good scanner in it’s day.  Times have changed.  These two models were compatible with Windows XP thru Windows 8 drivers.  Unfortunately, not Windows 10.  The software and drivers on these scanners are tied to the Microsoft operating system.  They are not compatible with MACs or and Lenox operating systems.
The good news, there are many great replacements both in speed, ease of use, & scan quality.  A great replacement are the Image Access products.  The WideTEK CL series comes in 36” thru 48” sizes.  Unlike the Graphtec CI and CX models the WideTEK CL series includes a touch screen monitor and is not tied to a workstation operating system.  Scanning can be done via a web browser or just walk up scanning.
Colortrac is also a nice option, the SC and SG models are fully compatible with Windows 10.  The SC series have two sizes, 36” and 42” beds.  These are CIS technology scanners.  The SG model with is a CCD technology scanner like the SC scanner comes in a 36” base as well as a 44” base.
Graphtec does have newer model scanners compatible with Windows 10.  CSX 550 and the DT530 models.  These scanners only have a 36” bed.  The Image Access and Colortrac scanners have 36” as well as 42” and 48” scanners.  Image Access does have book scanners and flatbed scanners for specialty scanning where the Graphtec scanners are stickily roll feed.
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