In the dynamic world of art consulting and custom content creation, our customer Grand Image stands out as a leading organization that prioritizes aesthetics and innovation. With a global network of talented artists, Grand Image is known for its full-service approach, offering a diverse catalog of exclusive images and collaborating closely with artists to showcase their work. They have a collection of approximately 50,000 images to choose from, ready for drop shipment in custom sizes and frames.

We recently reconnected with the team at Grand Image to see how the Versa Scan they purchased from Large Document Solutions has been supporting their mission. Here’s what they had to say:

Tell us about your company. What makes it unique within your industry?

Grand Image offers full service art consulting, custom content creation, and a deep catalog of exclusive images by a worldwide collective of artists. We employ artists, collaborate with them, contract with them, and highlight their work on our influential platform. Grand Image has placed art in businesses, workplaces, hotels, and homes all across the globe. We create because aesthetics matter.

Why did you choose the scanner you did?

The Versa Scan 3650 has everything a company like Grand Image needs – an enormous flatbed, incredible resolution options, and an easy-to-use interface. It has saved us many hours of work previously spent stitching together smaller scans of large paintings. The high resolution ensures that our artwork reproductions are incredibly detailed, just like the originals.

How have you been using the scanner?

The scanner came to us in early September 2023. We have used it weekly since receiving it. All of our artists are grateful to have such accurate scans of their work along with a much faster color proofing/return process.

How has it helped your business? What has it helped you accomplish?

The Versa Scan has increased our efficiency and accuracy immeasurably. It is now a valued tool that we cannot imagine being without!


View the Versa Scan 3650 scanner here, and all of our flatbed scanner options here!

Check out the amazing work Grand Image is doing here.


Top: Grand Image’s print tech Piper scanning a new artwork from artist Gabe Fonorow. Above: The team moving the scanner into its new home in Grand Image’s Seattle showroom.