GIS Scanners

For those of you in need of scanning capacity that handles geo-spatial data, there are GIS scanners out there at affordable prices. You just have to know where to look. The premier provider of GIS scanners is the online supply site Here you can enjoy both diversity of choices and a reasonable pricing structure.

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One great example of their GIS scanners is the Graphtec CS500. With 0.1 percent accuracy, "hands free" Intelligent Thickness Adjustment, and software that enables scan-to-file, scan-to-print, scan-to-email, and scan-to-PDF capabilities, the Graphtec CS500 embodies everything you are looking for in a high-quality scanner. Superior maximum and optical resolution stats almost feel like bonuses given the comprehensive package the rest of its features represent.

Other examples of GIS scanners available at are the Colortrac 4080c (color) and e (enhanced color) models. These SmartLF scanners offer several extremely useful functions. They include high scanning speed (up to 10.1" per second for black and white images, and up to 3.36" per second for color images), flexible resolutions ranging from 100 DPI to 2400 DPI, and premium image accuracy. With advanced features like these, both of these models offer the kind of output capacity and quality perfect for people in need of GIS scanners.

The website is both informative and easy to navigate, but you may have additional queries about the products, services, and warranty agreements. The professionals behind the site have a reputation for friendly, personalized customer service, and you should take advantage of it. Contact them directly by calling toll free at 1-866-338-4464 or by sending an email to