In this week’s featured product segment, we’ll be discussing our biggest series of scanners, the Versascan product line. Originally branded as the “Map Master” series of devices, the Versascan line of scanners have been updated with brand-new features, courtesy of the designers and engineers at SMA. Read on for more info on all that the Versascan series of scanners have to offer.
The size of the Versascan series of scanners is nothing to scoff at – at 36×100 inches, the Versascan 36100 is the largest commercially available scanner in the entire world. Trading size for a reduced price, the Versascan 2550 measures in at 25×50 inches, while the 3650 measures at 36×50 (the numbers for all three of the devices are taken from their size specs). All three devices support the same ultra-high optical resolution settings of up to 1200dpi optical. Additionally, all three devices are capable of scanning the full bed of the scanner in under 12 seconds (when set to 300dpi).
The most exciting new feature which has been added to the Versascan series is V3D technology. For those who are unfamiliar, V3D scanning technology allows scanners to map out 3-dimensional images when scanning, analyzing cracks, crevices and edges, as well as light and shadow, in order to form an accurate recreation of the appearance of a 3D object. The Versascan series is among the only scanners in the world which are capable of scanning using V3D technology, so if you’re looking for a large format scanner with 3D scanning capability, the Versascan may be the perfect fit for your needs. If you’re interested in learning more on how a Versascan scanner can benefit you or your organization, reach out to us at (866)-338-4464 or